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Star Wars Celebration 2020 - Anaheim

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No details/dates yet, but safe to say that Disneyland Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will be PACKED next spring... :P

So I’m 9 for 9 as it comes to American celebrations.  Another a year from now - or so - is a bit daunting.  And the idea of going to Galaxy’s Edge with some of the most intense SW fans does not hold as much appeal.  Still probably need to call it a strong maybe.

The lure of the Colman is strong...

Dates and Tickets Announcement

- Star Wars Celebration will return to Anaheim, California, on August 27-30, 2020, at the Anaheim Convention Center

- Tickets go on sale June 21 at 9:00 am PT

Fan Table registration opened. I applied to display my army. Crossing fingers.


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