Author Topic: Computer freeze up??  (Read 2088 times)

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Computer freeze up??
« on: February 2, 2004, 04:27 PM »
Ok, bear with me here, I'm 99% certain it is my old clunker of a computer that is causing this.  

The situation: certain pages on varying boards/web pages lock up my computer.  Ctrl/ALt/Del doesn't unlock it.  The only thing that gets it going is to hit the reset button which requires a complete reboot and MS scan of ye olde tugboat-of-a-computer.  

Two pages on here currently are doing this:  Marvel Legends latest page and the Saga thread TRU finds or whatever the real title is.  I also have the problem consistently with the Galactichunter main page (I know, not your problem, just for reference sake) and have from the get go.  I also have problems over on but I finally figured out it is something in the script of G3PO's sig.  

I primarily use IE for surfing as I find Nutscrape to be unstable.  It is an older version 5.x?

So I'm wondering if anyone can help or suggest anything?  Outside of a new computer that is.  I plan on getting one, but probably not until summer.  So I'm stuck here for a bit.  I've defragmented and done all the usual virus scan stuff.  

Thanks in advance.
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