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I just finished up my side of my first (and apparently JD's first) trade with long-time member Diddly! 

Travis sent me some money for a figure I was happy to help him with and he sent payment quickly with no hassels.    :)

Thanks again, Diddly!


Mikey D:
Travis (his mom actually  :P) paid quickly for a Lego Mini I sent him.  No worries when dealing with Diddly.

I just got a very speedy payment from Travis. I highly recommend dealing with him.

Your package will be in the mail on Tuesday. :)

Another great deal with Travis.

Thanks for the super-fast payment, your Wedge is on it's way!   :)

I just received payment for two figures from Travis.

Very speedy, and he communicated through the whole deal. :)

Your in my outgoing!



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