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Anyone going?

Jesse James:
Only guy I know of around here going is Darth_Anton again Carlos, besides yourself.  I think it's just too hard to get into anymore for many.  NyCc seems to be going that way too.

That sucks! but true. Here in San Diego we are starting more cons, one the week after SDCC. NerdCon, Villain Con, and a comic con that was started by the original SDCC organizer's. these are all less than three years old but we are hoping good things will make them bigger and better. Just as long as they don't get as big as SDCC.

Jesse James:
Yeah I don't know many people (I used to know quite a few) who go anymore.  Just you two who tough it out every year.  Guys like Colman, Jared, and others used to make it, but yeah. 

But it's funny Carlos, even the little show in Pittsburgh, they blow out the 3 Day badges pretty fast anymore... Going to shows like this is a big deal now. 

Can anyone hook me up with the BB-8 Character Key from ACME at SDCC? Paypal at the ready..


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