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Jedi: Fallen Order


Amazon dropped off my copy of the deluxe edition yesterday and I spent a fair amount of time playing this game last night.

Bottom line: I am loving this game!  The graphics are great, the story is unfolding well, the characters are compelling and the gameplay is fun and challenging!

I cannot believe I am endorsing a game from EA, but here we are!  Thereís no micro transactions or other monetization added to this game.  The deluxe version only added some cosmetic content and itís not a pay-to-win scam. 

If you are at all a gamer, pick this game up!  It will send a great message to EA that these are the kinds of games that we want!  Kudos to Respawn for making a great game, hopefully the success of this game will revive the Star Wars game that was being developed by Visceral before EA shut them down because it couldnít be monetized with micro transactions.

Angry Ewok:
I watched a play through this morning and it isnít my favorite type of game, but I will probably pick it up as soon as it is on sale. I especially loved the visuals of the shipyard ... Really cool looking.

I enjoyed this game.


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