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Packing complete sets: 2020 edition


Hey all,

I need to start packing my LEGO sets up for a move. Does anyone care to aggregate tips or provide their own opinions?

My most notable to move are the UCS Falcon and Death Star. However there are other sets such as Cloud City and UCS Slave 1, Ewok village, Sandcrawler, UCS Y-Wing, etc.

I'd like to avoid breaking into parts as much as possible.

Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, ?? What size plastic bins?



I wouldn't put too much into it.  Take them apart, put the pieces in large, label each bag, put bags in Rubbermaid bins.

Unless you've kragled the lot of them.....then you'll want to get large bins, wrap them in towels and try to put them in bins with little wiggle room.

Take them apart and store the pieces in those large freezer bags (or any other large storage bag). The most important thing will be to LABEL THE BAGS with the name/number of which set it is. Then put into a storage bin. The size of the bin will depend on how many sets you had. For example, back in February I bought 2 40 gallon bins at Home Depot and filled them to the brim with about 8 years worth of (mostly boxed) LEGO. Took the bags out of the boxes and they fit.


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