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Just curious how many people are still going strong with Lego Star Wars?

For many years I purchased nearly everything they made, but its been awhile since I purchased a set.  The little sets seem less interesting (lots of rehash), and I've been struggling to find any sort of reasonable discount for the larger sets that seem to keep getting more and more expensive.  Plus I've long since run out of space.

I did see the 2020 advent calendars the other day at Target.  I used to get these religiously but stopped getting these a couple of years ago too.  The kids were pretty bored with them too.

Last LEGO I remember buying was the 2019 Advent Calendar. Haven't picked up anything since the 20th Anniversary sets last year. It's just getting to be too pricy for me, and I have so much stuff that I kind of don't want anymore. I'm strongly considering pulling out and selling my collection.

Iíve been going strong with OT lego... I basically have them all.  Theyíre all packed in a closet though, Iím holding out until we buy a place (story of my life for a couple years now) and then Iíll have to make the tough choices based on space. 

I'm still going strong.


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