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The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Mandalorian Gunship?
« on: July 5, 2011, 06:02 PM »
I have good news: at that price point, it *can't* be a Republic Gunship repaint.  It's another "Starfighter Class" vehicle so it being anything but an entirely new $25-$30 vehicle would be a real surprise.

Heck, I'd be happy if it WERE a Republic Gunship repaint.  Do you see what those stupid things go for on eBay now, after 6 repaints?  There's still a big market for this stuff.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Clone Wars RC Republic Tank
« on: July 5, 2011, 06:01 PM »
I kinda wish they'd just integrate it in NEW vehicles and not remakes.  The Turbo Tank would've been 23% cooler if it was an RC toy right out of the box-- gut the Speeder Bike launcher and stick the motor in there.

If they're going to stick to short-term remakes, I hope they can find a way to drive down the price point.  If the RC mechanism dies, the $25 Saber Tank seats more figures and can roll on its own, at least.

I guess they'll do one next year... but what?  A Pod Racer?  A Flash Speeder? (Hahahaha.)

...I'd actually like to see an all-new wireless RC Landspeeder.  That might be cool, at or under $40.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Clone Wars RC Republic Tank
« on: July 4, 2011, 10:53 PM »
Got mine.  It's pretty great.  Rolls forward, or does the "reverse and turns a bit".  The remote firing thing is pretty cool, it sort of recoils-- the whole tank jumps back a tiny bit each time you fire a rocket.  Plus it has lights on the front of it.  I don't think any collectors will be happy shelling out $50+ for a toy they bought for $20 a few months earlier, but I have to admit I think it's more fun than the Big AT-AT was.  (But it is significantly less impressive.)

The Vintage Collection / Re: Hasbro Q&A Sessions
« on: May 25, 2011, 07:10 PM »
The crazy thing is that for the most part, GI JOE (and many other Hasbro lines) are packed (initially) with 2 of each new figure.  Something about Star Wars must have somebody in the bean counting pod really vexed or there is something wrong with their "Metrics".

Well, they were-- usually higher than 1-per-box ratios were sold primarily as dotcom cases, some of which made it to the stores and some didn't.  Most of the cases from 2007 onward were pretty stingy with the new guys as Star Wars went, GI Joe was largely 1 per case in the bulk of the 25th Anniversary line, Pursuit of Cobra has been either 1 or 2-- depending on the revision.  (Wave 3 and 4 were nice, though.)

I think they're balancing cases toward a more retail-friendly ratio, which is a mixed bag.  It's not the Darth Vader or Boba Fett repacks that are the pegwarmers...

The real issue seems to be TRU never got anything past wave 2-- correct me if I'm wrong, I've never seen anything new there-- while Wal-Marts seem to get a lot (that goes within a day, up to wave 6) and Target seems to be getting up to wave 5 and I don't think I've seen much if any wave 6 there.  The ratios aren't terrible, but there's no new product shipping at some stores.

Transformers is even worse.  There's a whole subline called "Reveal the Shield."  About nine of those toys got distributed to stores, with another 12+ that-- as far as can be told-- have been available in Australia, Canda, and/or the UK since last year and have never hit American big box stores.  They've essentially become US online exclusives, despite stores being out of product, nobody's getting them.  It's surreal-- hundreds of thousands of dollars  in development were wasted due to poor distribution.  New tooling down the crapper.

I can actually find the new SW guys-- but as far as I can tell nobody saw the new Transformers unless you bought online or through a distributor (like the one I work at).

The Vintage Collection / Re: Hasbro Q&A Sessions
« on: May 25, 2011, 05:28 PM »
Do they revoke your Q&A Card if you ask about their terrible distrobution?

Because I can figure out any other reason why no one is asking the only question that matters....

I asked something along these lines.

*crossing fingers* This has been the one thing I nag Hasbro about at pretty much every event, or business-related opportunity.  So I'll take six.

Having said that... my luck isn't that good. :)

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2010 "Vintage" Collection Wave 4 - AotC
« on: January 18, 2011, 05:36 PM »
I saw these at a Wal-Mart today.  Fun note: the dates on the back for first availability are generally all wrong.  Jango and Zam were released in 2000 and the Outlander Obi-Wan Kenobi was 2002-2004 in Hasbro's notes.  Since Hasbro labeled Obi-Wan as a 2003 figure as part of the series number, and the assortment in which it shipped was discontinued in December 2003 as it was being blown out... OK, so I'm anal.

Has anyone gotten one of these in the mail lately?  I sent for mine in the Fall and haven't heard many/any deliveries since early November I don't think...

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Clone Wars Wave 20 (aka 2011 Wave 1?)
« on: January 16, 2011, 02:39 AM »
These are shipping from Hasbro US now too-- got my case from Entertainment Earth on Friday.  No Hondo, though.  Bane's pretty impressive, but take note: the only articulation on Todo is his head, no matter how the arms look.

Shadows of the Dark Side / Re: TRU "Battle of Endor" Pilot 4-packs
« on: January 13, 2011, 12:29 AM »
What is the difference between the two Tie Pilots besides the sidearm?

Helmet deco.

And just barely-- Major Mianda's helmet is very similar to the stripes TLC Pilot helmets, except it has some added dots on his head.  More staggeringly annoying though is that Mianda's head under the helmet is a clone, and Mianda is a not a clone.  There's a lot of weirdness with these figures, I'm finding.

At least Oxixo has some more distinctive silver on his noggin.

Shadows of the Dark Side / Re: TRU "Battle of Endor" Pilot 4-packs
« on: January 12, 2011, 05:59 PM »
For the curious, these are out  now-- $24.99/set.  Pretty great deal.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Vintage Collection Rumors
« on: January 12, 2011, 10:57 AM »
Sounds like a list of a designer's desk... I refuse to believe they'd put out a Sandcrawler above $80.  Even if I see it at retail some day in a few years, I'll still refuse to believe it.

To little kids, though, especially since they're the only customers Hasbro seems to be trying to please these days, these sets would be an automatic buy if there was a lightsaber-wielding character included in each one. Little kids aren't too into the blaster-wielders (take Han Solo, for instance), they want to get the cool-looking dude with the glowing sword. If the 9-pack was divided into just 3 individual packs, the Luke set would probably be the best seller, because a parent's first reaction would be to get the set with the lightsaber.

I gotta jump in to defend poor ol' Han-- I don't know if kids don't want Han or they don't want *those* Han figures.  Bespin hasn't been on the market for a while, and I don't count a torture rack as something any parent would jump on for their kids.  Every Han since 2006 (save for the pricey vintage ones and the 2006 Cantina one) have had some weird embellishment or otherwise less-than-normal feature, and it seems the Saga Legends ones all are doing just fine, more or less.

Today's parents are more Star Wars literate than 10 years ago-- your 25-35 year old adult today was a child of the toy orgy that was the 1980s.  The toy industry knows this and is marketing to them/us because mommy and daddy love to live vicariously through the kid's toy purchases, hence Strawberry Shortcake and, to some extent, Transformers' post-beast revival. (But not He-Man, because everybody hates him. Even Skeletor.)

...that and if you're going full-on Vintage, you're gonna run out of lightsaber-friendly characters for these sets real quick.  The Vintage line had, what, seven Lukes, Obi-Wan, and Vader?  And of those Lukes, several never had a lightsaber packed with them in the old days, or in the case of Stormtrooper Luke, at all?  I'm curious how strict the 3-packs will be to the vintage figure selections... because if it's all repacks I'm going to have a ton of things to not buy in 2011.  And bless them for it, I could stand to skip a few figures.

It seems to me that 9 figures for $50 is a hell of a deal.  That's less than 6 bucks apiece and you get some killer packaging, so I sure plan on grabbing this set.

$50 is only a deal if it's something you wanted in the first place.  Admittedly these things are always a toss-up, but at least some of the other $50 sets had repaints or new accessories or something.  This... I already have this.  But for me the boxes just end up in the dumpster, so.  Hopefully it's engaging for packaging fans and new people, because zzzzzzzzzzz.

The Vintage Collection / Re: TVC will fail...
« on: November 20, 2010, 12:53 AM »
Hasbro's been including a lot of "refresh" (yeah right, Hasbro) in their waves - TVC Wave 5 for example, take a look at Han. Same figure we've gotten before, but "just different enough to make you mad." There were only 2 new figures in the ROTS wave, granted, all of the figures in the ROTJ wave are new...

Hey, my favorite catchphrase! :D

Getting Boba Fett seems pretty difficult lately, and Darth Vader has done extremely well too.  The Sandtrooper, oddly, less so. (Go figure.)  I gotta assume the repacks are reaching a different fan because-- in all honesty-- these aren't here to tickle our fancies.  I'm somewhat surprised Boba's not shipping in any of the wave 3 or 4 mixes so far.  If anything they should be cranking out more of him before people catch on that he's going to be worthless.

Hasbro's really in a great position right now-- fans are paying attention to variations again, talking about name changes, deco changes, and the like, and people are engaged in a way I don't think I've honestly seen since .00 and .01 meant something to the online collecting community.  Plus didn't Rebelscum get some crazy positive response on their "Would you buy the same dang figure you already own on a vintage cardback?" poll a few years ago?  It's a nice way to make rereleases more appealing to the carded community which I thought was drying up lately.

While I agree the "refreshes" aren't necessarily ideal, I was just thinking this week how few repaint waves we get now.  We got a few in Revenge of the Sith near the end, we got (technically) three at the end of The Saga Collection, we got another one in the middle of 30th Anniversary, and we only got one in all of Legacy.   I guess they gotta cut a corner or two somewhere, and R5-D4 is probably recognizable enough that some parents will recognize him.  (Heck, mine did.)

The ROTJ wave did a bang-up job converting me from "grumpy" to "overwhelmingly optimistic."  I know own a movie-style season 2 cartoon Wicket figure.  Can it get better than this?  (Probably not but who knows if Logray will have a cartoon accessory like the blue outfit or the Sunstar/Shadowstone or visible sunberries or something.  [Yes I liked the Ewoks cartoon as a kid.])

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