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Similar, if not nearly identical.  If you look at the top left of the card (where Carnor Jax' blade is pointing) it says "01"-- these are going to be numbered, and this is first in this newfangled series.   It's my understanding that this is the first "2007 packaging" to come out, and it should be arriving in the next month.

(And because I've been getting rumors sent to me, and I'm here, I figured I'd also say: This is an Internet exclusive, it isn't going to show up at Target/TRU/whatever next year.)

I'm hoping the line ends up kinda like the GI Joe Comic Packs-- fairly big, filled with new and old characters, and most important of all, a good sub-line.  I don't buy a all GI Joe, but I bought every Comic Pack I could find.    (And I still gotta finish that Joe article...)

It's a real nice set.  Although from the samples I got to look at, there was no comic at that stage, so I'm not sure if there's anything particularly special about it aside from a variant cover and the other little things like new ads (or no ads) and so on and so forth.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: Battle of Endor Wave
« on: July 25, 2006, 12:14 AM »
I am all for seeing the Endor wave at a Target store soon.  Mainly because my coworkers gave me a $20 gift card for my 1 year anniversary there (oh yeah and the cheese cake to).  Anyway, just trying to lighten the mood up a tadbit  :-\

Just for the record....the Jango heads underneath the imperials are kind of odd to get used to IMO. 

It's weird, but I figure this is the "Hasbro Continuity," much like the yellow green Plo Koon saber and some of the other general weirdness.   I find it really odd too, but I leave the helmets on.  I just like the option of taking them off, or using them for other purposes (clone trainees, engineers, etc.) or whatever.   Of course, I *LOVE* the idea of Hasbro designing original concepts if they're good, solid ideas, so basically anything original but the Cruisemissile Trooper is awesome. :)   (Mini Rigs = yes.)

Saga Collection '06 / Re: Battle of Endor Wave
« on: July 25, 2006, 12:00 AM »
Matt-- PM sent.  (Or sending.)

It's not my intent to come off as a huge colossal boil on the rear of fans worldwide.   And I hope you don't take the awkwardness of someone caught off guard as a huge insult because I've got a problem remembering names and faces after one meeting, especially given the fact that I had no idea our paths would cross on a toy run.   But it happens, and hey, I know for next time.   I just typically leave everybody I don't consider a close personal friend alone because I have a bad habit of overstaying my welcome when people want to leave.   So I overcompensate.   My fault at times.

Smug?  Arrogant?  Well, that's not my intent.  Frankly, I don't think there's any reason anyone should care what I have to say most of the time, much like what Philip supposedly said about just not bothering to read it if you don't like it.  Star Wars news comes in dozens of flavors, if Rebelscum doesn't float your boat, the great folks at Yoda's News, Sir Steve's, and The Jawa do a great job of posting information, as does Jedi Defender, who seems to be great at posting stories and is the first place I always go when a big announcement is made when I want to see fan commentary.

I can't respond to everything so I don't promise to, but so far this year I try to address anything I'm asked on some level if I can.    I don't post on a lot of forums anymore because it tends to become personal and like my English teacher always told me, "nobody cares what you [you being me] think."

Part of the reason I write what I do (and how I do) is to see what people think about such topics, like the Figure of the Day (which I see some hate and some love) reminding people of toy hunts they had 10 years ago.   I still like the figures I bought 10 years ago.   But that's me.   I'm more interested in seeing if what I have to say sparks a discussion regarding how great a figure was from back then, or how much it sucked.   I'm also trying to write a column every day in an attempt to bolster content in the slow seasons, and I really hope that other people see it and go "I can do WAY better than Pawlus" and start another column so I can read theirs.   I have more fun reading what others have to say than I do writing my own columns.

We're absolutely in this hobby together.   But I'm just trying to write something people find interesting and leave people alone outside of that-- I don't always understand why some things are a bad thing, like the removable helmet on the Death Star Gunner, or the Marvel EU figure packs.  (I think those are awesome.  But as anyone who remembers my redesign of can attest to, I likes the funky colors.)  I was just firing an email back at someone today who was going about how much they loved the tins, saying I thought they were kinda so-so but still a great idea at a (seemingly) good price.   Then again, I love the tiny white TIE fighter and have been told I'm nuts too.   'tis all the fun of the hobby, but still, c'mon, removable helmets are the love.

I'm in no way saying "get a life" as some might imply, I spend a really huge amount of time writing, researching, and joining the never-ending debate on all things Star Wars as best I can.   Just usually not on forums because, as you can see here, the only thing I'm good at producing are responses that warrant the dreaded "TLDR" response.   I'm just a magnet for people's hate mail to Hasbro, and as you can see, it shows.

And back to on topic... I've seen the Endor Wave in LA about a half dozen times so far-- but just at Wal-marts so far.   I loves me some Chirpa.   (Just go in the mornings.  That's when you can get a fresh kill.   That or at lunch.   The kill isn't so fresh but hey, light traffic gets you out of the store faster.)

I've wasted enough of your afternoon, anyway.   Thanks for reading.   Your pal,


Saga Collection '06 / Re: Battle of Endor Wave
« on: July 24, 2006, 03:26 PM »
Hey, you guys need to stop all the fussing about the Gunner's helmet being "liftable", 'cause you're really hurting poor Adam Pawlus's feelings:

I saw much complaining about the Death Star Gunner's removable helmet around the web after we got to announce it here. Wow. Some people must really have awesome lives. Me, I've got other things to worry about so I guess I must've been blind to what a horrible thing Hasbro did by adding extra play value, detail, and accessories to a figure which could've just been a straight repack of a sculpt from 1996. I truly must work on my priorities.

Hah.  This coming from a guy who's spending time every day writing up a crappy, daily (usually glowing) review of some figure that's 5 - 10 years old that no one gives a rat's ass about anymore?!?  Sheesh.  Pawlus is quickly approaching Phillip Wise territory with his "get a life" comments and attitude these days.  What an arrogont (and hypocritical) jackass.  ::)

I'll have to see this figure myself before basing any opinions on it.  I certainly have no interest in Gunners with liftable helmets, since there was obviously no such thing in the OT, but I guess it's a cool added feature, as long as it doesn't detract from the actual sculpt of the figure when it's in the down position (which is what remains to be seen, I guess).

Hugs all around, and hi (since you didn't seem to hear me at the show).

The Legacy Collection / Re: Fan's Choice Returns
« on: March 27, 2006, 06:43 PM »

This is BoShek's droid according to EU...Adam Pawlus got to make this exclusive and included BoShek's droid

His whole schtick back in the day is that he basically got BoShek made because he kept saying it would never happen.  Sort of a "I dare you to make this figure I want to see made"

Me, having much less pull and no ear of the company can't pull the same trick, and so I resort to humor and petitions (which he helped start BTW as I pointed out in Page 1 of the Vote for Willrow thread)

I just find the attitude condescending, sort of a "I'm the only one who can get an obscure figure made" sort of a deal

Thanks, as always.  I feel the love.

The droid was half "tee hee, BoShek" and half "well, there's only so many R4 repaints out there."   Actually, that's about all that were on when I was doing research, him and the droid Lucasfilm would eventually name R4-A22.

Did I ask Hasbro to make BoShek?  No.  Quite the opposite.  But the droid?  Yes, I asked for that, and yes, the fact it was BoShek's droid made it funny to include in the set for me.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: 2006 SDCC Exclusive Shadow Stormtrooper
« on: March 13, 2006, 04:05 PM »
Wow, this figure is too cool to waste on the SDCC!


I hope I can get my hands on at least one.

BTW - isn't the black stormtrooper the same as the "Blackhole Stormtrooper?"

No, but very similar.  Gentle Giant's black stormtrooper Bust-Ups were based on that design with the white/silver lenses and a couple of minor details changed.   So Hasbro could release a different one with a different package and a different name and it would, technically, be a different figure.

So "just different enough to make you mad."  Or "close enough."  I like the former.

Other Collectibles / Re: EE's Next Exclusive...
« on: February 27, 2006, 05:55 PM »
I wonder if one can walk into EE to make a purchase? I'm also wondering if their network will be able to handle all the traffic they are going to get?

I'd order it from another online retailer, as they always have it cheaper than EE.


Actually, this one won't be.   Entertainment Earth sells pretty much 99.99% of its products both direct to consumers and also by wholesale, so any comic store, web store, or anyone who wants to can buy items wholesale from us and then offer them to the world at a price of their choosing.

This particular item is not going to be available wholesale through EE Distribution, so it will be $49.99 through Entertainment Earth starting tomorrow.  (We're also going to have it in a few bundles.)   There's also a $10 off coupon in our next catalog if you order $75 or more, which, if you also get a bundle, is a pretty spectacular deal if you like busts.   (And if you don't, well, obviously more for the rest of us.)

It's been a little... surreal to see you guys talking about me at length here these many months, especially given I don't think I've met more than a couple of you.  But hey, we all dish it out, it's not like I can't take it.   (And as far as high school goes, well, seeing as I've been writing about toys online since then, yes, it's pretty obvious what I was doing in those days.  But, thanks for speculating.   I wasn't aware people still gave wedgies past grade school.)

So anyway, thanks for the comments, it's nice to see someone doing part of my job for me as a marketing guy.   It's also great to hear what some of you have had to say as not every person I hear from gives frank, honest opinions about their opinions of things (although most of them do).   I typically try to keep my interaction with forums as merely reading what you guys have to say-- as you guys, Rebelscum, Galactic Hunter, Sir Steve's, and everyone else have a lot to say-- but, sometimes, it makes sense to say "hello."

"Hello," by the way.

Your Napoleon Dynamite-lookalike pal,

Adam Pawlus

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