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Hi Everyone,

I've got a number of Kenner items available for sale or for trade (see my wants at the end). I've included a lot of pictures of each item to give you a clear look at the condition of each piece. Prices are listed below and do not include shipping, but feel free to make an offer. Some things to note:

1.) I only ship to the US & Canada, no overseas shipping. Sorry!
2.) I accept Check, Money Order, or Cash (if you wish to risk that) for payment. I am not setup for receiving payments by Paypal so I cannot accept that, sorry! Personal checks require 5-10 business days to clear.
3.) My work schedule usually doesn't allow me to get to the post office until Saturday so delivery or postal rate inquiries will occur then.
4.) Delivery confirmation is required for all packages and I will do my best to provide exact postal rates (see above).

Please PM me with questions or if you want an item (or 3!). I'm not checking the Forums everyday so if I don't respond back right away don't worry I will get back to you. My feedback from a variety of sources can be seen Here!


B-Wing Fighter - complete w/ pilot. This B-Wing is yellowed and definitely in "played with" condition. The cockpit cannon has been severed at the tip, the lower wing cannon was glued in place, and as shown in the picture the tab for the lower wing has cracks in it. The electronics do not work, but the wing assembly still opens. The pilot is in near mint condition - $35


Mini Rigs - Radar Laser Cannon. These mini-rigs are in played with condition and have few stickers. All play mechanisms are in working order. - $7 each (MLC-3 & PDT-7 SOLD)



ROTJ Jabba the Hutt's Dungeon - near complete w/ all 3 figures, repro instructions, and box. Here we have a near complete ROTJ Jabba's Dungeon playset, the only piece missing from the toy is the pivot pin for the crane. All 3 figures are in good to near mint condition and come with original weapons. The instruction sheet is a photo copy of an original sheet and the box is in fair shape, though one side flap is completely missing. - $45

Land of the Jawas - complete w/ original instructions. This set is complete with a rather sturdy cardboard backdrop. There is a tear in the lower left corner of the cardboard but still displays nicely. The escape pod does show considerable yellowing on one end where it would lay on the plastic base, I've tried to get the pictures to show that. All of the plastic pegs are there as well. - $25

Droid Factory - incomplete w/ original parts list & poor box. This set is primarily for those looking for a good starting point for a boxed item. While the plastic base is in good shape, it's missing a lot of the parts. The box is in rough shape but it still displays nicely as it came out of my personal collection. The sticker on the box side under the paint blotches is from a JCPenney catalog warehouse - $10

ROTJ Jabba the Hutt's Dungeon - incomplete. This is a barebones playset, only contains the crane boom. No stickers on the playset base. - $5


Patrol Dewback - incomplete. This Dewback is in good shape but is missing the reins. - $10

Jabba the Hutt - missing right arm. Not much to say here, Jabba is incomplete and missing his right arm. Could be good for someone looking to complete a set, ya know if you have a right arm. - $2

Packaging, Instructions, & Catalogs

ESB CAP-2 - Original instructions and in ok shape. - $2

ROTJ MLC-3 - Original instructions and in ok shape. - $2

ROTJ Speeder Bike - Original instructions and in ok shape. - $2

Empire Strikes Back 1980 Catalog - Shows first 10 ESB Figures w/o Yoda. - $4

Accessories & Parts

Yoda Belt - In near mint condition w/ no tears. - $2

Snowspeeder Parts - Complete your Rebel vehicle. - $3

Imperial Troop Transport Pod - In ok shape, some yellowing. - $1

Star Wars Celebration Swag

C5 Fett Club patches - KSWCC & DCSWCC. - $3 ea - (KSWCC SOLD)

I'm also open to trading for any of the items I'm still looking for...

Figures (mint & complete)
* Farmboy Luke (Dark Brown hair variant)
* Princess Leia Organa
* All Ewoks Figures
* All Droids Figures (except Jann Tosh, Jord Dusat, & Thall Joben)

Vehicles (complete w/ box)
* Sonic Controlled Landspeeder
* A-Wing Fighter
* Tatooine Skiff
* Ewok Battle Wagon

Boxes (to complete sets)
* Creature Cantina
* Landspeeder
* Darth Vader's TIE Fighter

* Blue Snaggletooth Blaster
* Stairs & Ramp from Micro Collection Bespin Freeze Chamber

That's all for now, I may have more items coming soon once I can dig them out. Thanks for looking, if you have questions let me know.


Updated as I remove a want (Imperial Attack Base hatch) and add a have (Prune Face Cloak)

Updated as I removed several wants and added a have.

Bumped after completing a deal that removed some of my haves.

Updated with a few minor changes. I'm looking for about 100 REAL Action Figure Clear Stands for vintage figures.


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