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Wide Shots:

Close Ups of the shelves.  They are either a major ground battle or Imperial ships (with scattered figures):

Carded Figures that I display:

Not sure if mixing vintage and modern is the best idea, but I like this display on top of my vintage cabinet:

Queen's Starship.  I have pilots in every vehicle:

Still have the cube cabinet for medium sized ships and random figures on top:

The corner display:

My NASCAR, Jabba's Palace, Complete Galaxy, M&M's and 25th Anniversary & Disney:

My desk credenza.  Features my MR Mini Sabers, Celebration Passes, Potato Heads and Assorted figures:

My ever faithful trashcan:

The center table where I have my Rebel Hangar, Jedi Figures, Sith Figures, Assorted Aliens, Politicians, Medical Scenes, Pod Racers and Mini Rigs:

Closet, where I display my Sideshow, Marmit, RAH 1/6 Scale figures, MR Sabers and Costume items and plush figures:

Just outside the closet, Slave 1s, US Stamps (Framed) and my Jedi Academy pennant:

Across from the Closet, I have my movie posters...with room for a few more:

No longer needed.

Very nice displays Matt_Fury!  I wish I had the room to continue to display my collection, but I just don't have the space.  The starfighter squares, the Gungan/Battledroid head to head, the Imperial Fighter display, your Sith collection, and SW themed stock car collection are very cool!

Deleted photos in latest update.

Great display Matt!  I like the black shelves in the middle of the room and the cube shelves for the ships.  Great pics!


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