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If you may not know, we have been remodeling our house this summer. You can see the thread here:

As part of the remodel, there will be a new larger office dedicated to my collection. My Star Wars collection use to reside in this room until about 2006 when it was converted into my daughter's room. All the stuff was packed up and put in the garage. It was a very sad day but it made my daughter Rose very happy. It made it hard to know what I had and it took alot of the fun of collecting out it. When you can't display this stuff, there seems to be no point of collecting it.

Now after five years it.... RETURNS!

This thread will show pictures of decorating the room, picking out new cabinets, painting and then finally reassembling the office. The plans are to combine the collection with my other favorite thing: classic video gameing. What I have in mind is to display mostly figures and maybe some ships if space permits. I will also integrate my collection of video game cartridges and classic systems such as Atari, Colecovision, Nintendo and Sega. The computer and my collection of classic systems will be attached to our old 42" TV so I can run any video game ever created. New cabinets will go around and on each side of the TV. There is a great black and white couch that will go in the center of the room with a coffee table. The computer will be in the back part of the room pretty much were it is shown in the pictures below. The computer and TV will have access to my media server and netflix so we can stream any movie. More details are coming.

Feel free to comment and offer suggestions as we pick out everything for the room. We are going for a kind of cantina lounge feel. We are setting on a brownish dark sand or brownish green color for the room with lighter color cabinets with glass doors to go with the cabinet and desk we have.

Anyway, lets recap what the office looked like BEFORE it was converted into my daughter's room.

This shelving unit will return for the computer.

This case will return full of vintage figures only.

Looks like we are going to 86 the ceiling fan in the Star Wars office because of the attic ladder getting in the way. We are going with a LED light show pannel.

This light combines halogen bulbs with multicolor LEDs for a light show effect.


The new office has been painted. We tried to pick a color that will go with the new shelves and steal look.

CAT6, telephone and HDMI cable sticking out of the wall where the computer will go.

The new shelves and TV will go on this wall. Cat 6, FIOS TV and HDMI cable are sticking out of the wall. The HDMI cable goes over the room to the other side of the room. That way I can connect the TV to the computer.

New light added to the ceiling. It has a LED lightshow feature. Should look pretty cool while playing XBox.


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