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Looks like a Stars Take on Clash of Clans launched today.  Has anyone downloaded the Star Wars Commander game App yet?   I downloaded it but haven't tried it yet since I'm at work.  :o

Sounds fun. I enjoyed Great Big War Game, Clash of Clans as well as Boom Beach but everything tastes better with a nice dash of good ol'  fashioned SW seasoning :)

Since I use Android I'll have to wait a bit longer though.

Just created a Jedidefender group...I guess I am a Rebel base though

Jesse James:
You ***** Rebels.

The Rebs actually have a slick wheeled tank.  I'm gonna play the game just for captures of the new hardware for the Alliance and Empire.  I could see cranking out a custom of one of those rapid-fire At-ST's.

I deleted this app.  Just took too long to do anything and the AI on the troops sucks.  "Oh!  I'm bring fired upon by a cannon next to me.  I guess I'll attack something else instead."  I guess it's the same with Clash of Clans.  I really wish you could direct troops instead of them wandering around and dying all the time.


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