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JoyToy 1/18 Figures
« on: June 25, 2019, 01:07 AM »
Joy Toy is another asian line of figures that have no real line per se, but they're just a weird line of futuristic looking soldiers that are hyper articulated and nicely decoed.

I discovered them first on Ebay but have since found that BBTS sells them individually for less $ generally.

JoyToy as a company has no site or address anyone seems to be able to find, but their toys started out at 1:27-ish scale and look like knock-offs of characters and mech suits from Titanfall video games.  I mean they're not even subtle about it really, they look spot-on to stuff out of that video game series.  They make mechs, figures, vehicles, etc. all in 1:27, but now they're branching into 1:18 (much less to pick from).

Some of the 1:27 stuff actually works perfectly fine in 1:18 though too.  There is a computer console set that's getting hard to get (they seem to "retire" things like Acid Rain does).  Some of the land vehicles look like they'd work in 1:18 fine too but I'm reluctant to sink that kinda coin into a toy that may not work.  I'd like seeing a review first from someone who A) speaks English and B) did a comparison with different sized figures.  These are much more an Asian toy line than US and as such are "imports" really, haha. 

They have 2 1:18 mechs for pre-order though and those are on my "buy" list for sure.  I love mechs and I love Titanfall mechs especially...  They're great designs, very gritty.

The 1:18 figures I've been buying now here and there are also very Acid-Rain-ish in deco.  Articulation is great.  They share base bodies and have armor you add to them and are supposed to glue together so these have a weird model-like quality to them.  They're in the $30-$35 range of price, and are heavily Russian-themed for some reason though they all look fairly generic.  Any one would pass for an interesting pirate, bounty hunter, or similar in Star Wars though.  I'd also say they're less 1:18 and more in the 1:20 or 1:19 realm.

As someone who had always wanted a nice Titanfall toy line and never really got one, these are up my alley.  I'm catching up so I have one of each now though.  When they stop making them they tend to rise in value fairly fast.

Outside of Asia and Ebay, the only places I've seen to buy them are Asian stores that sell outside of their region.
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Re: JoyToy 1/18 Figures
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2019, 01:33 PM »
I just picked up a couple sets of the Joy Toy USMC figures and they are awesome  8)  They came well packaged in individual plastic cases and each figure included a lot of accessories that were largely standardized - e.g. each figure came with a pistol, holster, ammo bag, utility belt, combat vest or backpack/vest combo, rifle, and a spare set of forearms for sleeve up or sleeves down options. The hats and helmets aren’t removable, but look good. The 5-figure set came with a 6th box that had extra accessories including additional rifles, extra hand pieces with different finger positions, and spare joint pieces.  The figures are super-articulated and can actually hold their weapons in realistic positions. A lot of the joints are simple ball-and-socket types that can easily be separated to attach accessories (really a nice feature for figure construction!). These figures will have excellent custom potential.  Overall, I’m very happy with the new Joy Toy military figures and will likely get a lot more of them as they are released.
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