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Hey guys, I know this is a day late in getting up, but Im starting a UGP only version of the Customiser Challenge to coincide with the CCC In the other boards.

The theme for this one will be Proto Rebels. Around the time that our project takes place, the Rebellion wasn't quite what it would become. There were small pocket cells with little or no organisation. They would harrass the Empire at every turn, but nothing on the scale that they would during the OTC era.

Now is your chance to design these Rebellion forefathers. Now that I have thrown down the gauntlet, lets see what we can come up with. ;)

As with the previous project, let your imagination run wild. Humans and especially aliens will work well with this, seeing how the bigoted Empire made their lives completely miserable.

You have your assingnents, lets see what damage we can do.

Good luck.

Well folks I guess its that time again. After quite a long hiatus, I would like to see if anyone would like to see the Customiser Challenge continue on.

Chewie currently has quite a few things going on right now, and will be unable to run this on a monthly basis. I have asked his permission to take up the mantle until his return and he has given his blessing.

So question one is, does anyone want to continue.

Question 2 is if so lets get the suggestions flowing.

If we decide to keep this going, September is half over now, we could have the due date be for the end of October.

What say you guys?

Jocasta's Reading Room / Darth Bane Novel
« on: September 11, 2006, 06:06 PM »
Im really pumped about this. Ive been wanting to read it ever since it was mentioned well over a year ago.

I'm chomping at the bit for some info on some of the ancient Sith, and hopefully this book may answer a lot of questions.

Reading it's write up in the latest insider was pretty cool but they don't list a realease date. Does anyone have an exact release date?

Star Wars Action Figures / Rogue Squadron helmet pics?
« on: July 3, 2006, 06:58 PM »
I need a little pic help here if anyone can help. Im looking to find some reference pics for the helmet decos on various Rogue pilot helmets. Specificly Corran Horn but i can use just about any that I can find. If you can't post pics can anyone at least point me in the right direction. As usual, the SW database sucks and there arent any that I can find on it.

Any help is appreciated.

Hey Hasbro! / 3 Words.. New Jedi Order.
« on: June 26, 2006, 11:07 PM »
Come on Hasbro, would it kill you to at least TRY to bring back the EU line.

How hard could it be to make a few Youzzan Vong? Lord knows the custom community has made enough. The reason we customise is because you guys won't make the figures we want.

Think about it, a new sculpt Han Solo. One that people will buy, because hes older and dressed differently.

A Luke Skywalker dressed as a jedi Master.

Droma, a new alien species the Ryn, People will buy it!

Weve been clamoring for the Solo Twims for years now.

And for GOD SAKE please give us a Corran Horn.

Do we really need another repackaged 500th Vader to rot on the shelf. When ther could be a perfectly acceptable Kyp Durron rotting in his place?

Anakin Solo, Jag Fel, Nom Anor, Shedao Shai, Gavin Darklighter, Tsevong Lah, its all here if only you would listen.

Ah but I know you wont. :'(

Hello guys, as many of you already know we are attempting to make one of the greatist Group projects in history. It is a large undertaking to be sure but there is more than enough talent on this board alone to do just that.

I have been placed in the team leader positon for the custom figures and vehicles portion of that project.

Heres where you come in. ;D I'm looking for capeable and qualifiied volunteers.

There will be more information posted as it becomes available. Just sign on below if youre interested.

Thanks for looking abnd Happy Customising.

This morning out of the blue I decided to stop at Walmart on my way to work. As I was rummaging through the shelves amd mumbling something about peg warming Vaders being a damn shame, a woman walked up to me. She had an unopened box of SW figs in her hand, and introduced herself as a Hasbro rep.
Asking what type of collector I was and what particular figures I was looking for.

When I told her I was a customiser, she looked at me like I had 2 heads. After explaining to her what it is a customiser does, she seemed intrigued. She had never heard of such a thing. She then asked me what it is a customiser actually looks for in toys. I really didn't have an answer for this question.

I basicly told her what I would want.  Namely a VOTC style Jango, and some EU characters ( of which she had also never heard of :() She actually seemed interested in what I had to say. I gave her some info namely the JD web addressand my handle, and dropped a few names ( Chewie, Phruby, Glassman, etc.) and she said that she would definately be looking into this. SHe also hinted that she would be takling to her boss about this. We talked for so long, that I was actually a couple of minutes late for work.

I don't beleive that anything will actually come of this, but it is something nice to think about. Can you just imagine how cool it would be for us if Hasbro actually made a line of figures with us in mind.

Hey, it could happen.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Okay, I'll admit for the better part of 2 weeks I have been completely consumed in the NJO series. I decided to be a complete geek about reading them. That is, I waited until I completed my collection of them and I am now proceeding to read them in order. I have hit a small snag in my plans though.  :o

I am a little more than 3/4 of the way through Dark Journey, but I am missing the "Apprentice" story from Gamer#8.

The question that I ask is does anybody know where I can beg borrow or steal a copy of it. Ive searched Ebay repeatedly with no success. All I want to do is read the damn thing. Can anyone Photocopy it or something? Please let me know if you can help.

Modern Trading / Darth_ Ennis' Trade list
« on: May 24, 2006, 04:48 PM »
First off I want to stress that I am not a scalper.

  I happened upon a UGH Vader and Anakin yesterday. I am not really interested in these, but I bought them to keep them away from the local flea market scalper. I'm not sure of their going rate, and I don't really care. I figured i would throw this out and try to help anyone out that may need them. I am mostly a customiser so Im looking to trade for some figs I may need or just peices parts.

So if anyone is interested just drop me a line. I can privide a pic if needed.

I dont really have a wants list per say other than the one in the Customs section so just let me know what you've got as far as trades and well go from there.

Thanks for looking.

Star Wars Action Figures / Whats on the Slab? ( D_E's WIPs)
« on: May 9, 2006, 04:31 PM »
Since I cant find my old WIP thread I guess Ill have to start  a new one.

These are all in various stages of completion, But suggestions are always welcome.

Finally a WIP of my Fe-mando.

Next is NJO Luke

Lewt me know what you think.

Photonovels and Movies / Blood and Honor: Prologue
« on: April 11, 2006, 04:47 PM »
The planet of Naboo, approximately 6 weeks after the battle of Geonosis

Narrator- Before each mission, I like to find a high place. A high place where I can sit and meditate. Where I can let go of doubt, stress, confusion, and anger. And all other things about this war that are not of the Jedi.
    To let go and give myself over to the living force, as Master Qui-Gon showed me. Though never my master, Qui-Gon was never unwilling to help an awkward learner. Though I am considered a master, I still feel as though I am a student.

Narrator- It was a long time before he chose an apprentice, the reasons why never were revealed. I often wonder how I would have turned out, had he chose me before my master did. I'm not sure that Obi-Wan ever really knew how lucky he was. Especially for someone who doesn't believe in luck.
    Over 10 years have passed since Qui-Gon became one with the Force. 10 years and a senseless war. I am almost thankful that niether he nor my master are alive to see what the galaxy has become. These are the things that go through my mind as I sit here. I do reach a certain calm after a while. When my mind and body become in tune with the force.
   But alas, the peace is never long.......

Commander-" Ahem...General."
Tox-" Yes Commander?"
Commander- "The men are ready. The pilots are making their final pre-flight inspections now. I have come to inform you of their progress as per your request."
Tox- " Very well commander, I will be there shortly."
Commander- " Very good sir. Also your presence has been requested near the launch pad. You have two visitors sir, Jedi by the looks of them."

Tox- " Jedi? But who? There are no other Jedi on Naboo that I know of."
Commander- " Sir, one claims to be an old freind. He also says to tell you that " They are not the Jedi you are looking for". He says you'll know what it means."
Tox- " Is that a SMILE, Commander?"
Commander- " I'm afraid it is sir. I'll have it removed immidiately."
Tox- " Careful Commander. You keep that up and you just might develop a sense of humor."
Commander- " Understood sir, It wont happen again."

Obi-Wan-  "Loosen up Anakin, He's not going to bite you."
Anakin- " But I'm trying to make a good impression Master."
Obi-Wan- " You're a Jedi Anakin, not a droid. Calm down, he wont think any less of you if you act HUMAN."
Anakin- " But you say that this man saved your life Master, he deserves to be respected."
Obi-Wan- " I just think you're going a little overboard. At least slouch or something."
Anakin- " I'm sorry master. I don't mean to embarrass you."
Obi-Wan- ( Sigh!) You're not embarrassing Anakin, just try to relax."

Lieutennant- "You guys ready?"
Pilots- " Yes sir."
Pilot 1- " Everything's a go sir."
Lieutennant-  "Good job boys, the general is on his way. We lift off in 10."
Pilot 2- " That'll give me enough time to grab my brain bucket sir."
Lieutennant " Hmph... Good, Soldier. You MAY need that."
Pilot 2- " Heh! Aye Aye sir."

ARC Trooper- " Aten Hut! Officers on tarmac."
Troopers- " Aye sir!"

Tox- "Ahhh... Obi-Wan Kenobi. Now that is a name I have not heard in a long time....A long time."
Obi-Wan- " Indeed master Tevir' It has been too long. 9 years if I'm not mistaken."
Tox- " 12 actually, but who's really counting?"
Obi Wan- ".... I told you I was sorry about that."

Tox- "( snicker) It's good to see you again Obi Wan, you are looking well."
Obi Wan-" As are you Master Tevir, its good to see you too."
Tox- " Obi-Wan, I told you its Tox. There is no need to be so formal to your freinds.  So what brings you to Naboo?"
Obi-Wan- " The war I'm afraid. I have come to retrieve Anakin, and then we are to return to Coruscant, and then possibly Muunlist next. We are held over until nightfall and then we ship out. When I was informed that you were here I decided to see you off."
Tox- " So this is Anakin Skywalker. The chosen one. So the legends are true."

Anakin- " It's an honor to meet you master."
Tox_ " No Anakin, the honor is mine. You have quite a reputation to live up to. It looks as though Qui-Gon has chosen well."
Anakin- " I certainly hope so master."
Tox- " .....hmm.... Obi-Wan... Does he ... always stand like that?"
Obi-Wan- " Actually... no. He is trying to impress you."
Tox- " And so he has. Now snap out of it son. I'm not that important.

Commander- " Everything is in readiness general, we leave on your word."
Tox-" Very well commander, get your troops on board and fire the engines. I will take a moment to move my freinds to a safe distance, and we'll be on our way.
Commander- " Very good sir. I will inform the men."
Tox-" Come my freinds, walk with me. We have much to discuss, and very little time to do it."

Tox- "Well unfortunately my freinds the war calls. The commander WILL leave with out me if I'm not on time. He's done it once before."
Obi-Wan- "Well we don't mean to keep you. We'll be on our way."
Tox- " By the way Anakin, it is an awfully chilly morning. You are shaking like a leaf. Where is your cloak?"
Obi-Wan- " Anakin has yet to replace the one he lost on Geonosis."
Anakin- " A jedi does not feel cold Master, I am fine."
Tox- " Who filled your head with that nonsense. Jedi freeze just like everyone else. Here take mine. Besides there are no doors on the ship, I'll need to be as areodynamic as possible."

Obi-Wan-" Master Tox, I do beleive that you have finally done the impossible. You have left Anakin speechless."
Tox- " It's just a cloak. Not a very good one at that."
Obi-Wan- " Well, I did tell him the story of Ord Mandell"
Tox- " Which story of Ord Mandell? I seems like everybody has an Ord Mandell story."
Obi-Wan- " THE Ord Mandell story."
Tox-" .....OH!... Riiiight... That Ord Mandel story. Yes,I remember that one. From what I remember it was nothing really. I'm sure he would have done the same for me. I am quite sure that it has been embellished a bit in the telling. Did he tell you why it happened?"

Obi Wan- " But the Hutt was cheating! How was I supposed to know the waitress was spiking my drinks?"
Tox- " I told you that, but you wouldn't listen. That blue ale you seem to love so much tends to make you invincible for short periods of time."
Obi-Wan- " ( snicker) Ah yes, the old "liquid courage". gets me every time."
Tox- " It's a good thing 'We weren't the Jedi they were looking for' wasn't it?"
Obi-Wan- "Ha! Ha! How true, how true. I still owe you a drink for that."
Tox- "Thats 2 actually but whos counting."
Anakin- Is that when he saved you Master?"

Tox- " No Anakin.... That story will have to wait for another day. It's very long in the telling.  And I'm not sure I'm the one to tell you that one. It's not really something that I really care to talk about."
Anakin- " I apologise Master, I did not mean to upset you."
Tox- " That's quite alright Padawan. I am not offended. Do enjoy the cloak, use it well. Now if you will excuse me, my men are waiting. We have a senseless war to win after all. May the Force be with you Anakin."
Anakin-" May the force be with you."
Tox- " By the way Obi-Wan, this war will not last forever. I fully expect you to pay your debts upon it's immidiate conclusion. Don't try to hide. Because I will find you."
Obi-Wan- " I will. I do promise not to be as much of a stranger in the future."
Tox- " We will meet again Obi-Wan, I promise you that. May the Force be with you my freind"
Obi-Wan- " And also with you old freind."

Anakin-" I'm sorry Master, I didn't mean to..........."
Obi-Wan-" No Anakin, it's my fault, I should have told you the whole story. He nearly sacrificed his life to save Master Qui-Gon and myself. It was the day he bacame a Jedi Knight. It was a day I will never forget."

Anakin-" He saved Qui-Gon too?  That means that I owe him my life as well. If it were'nt for you and Qui-Gon I would still be a slave on Tatooine working for Watto.I owe Qui-Gon everything. But, why does he not like to talk about it, that should have been the greatest day of his life."
Obi-Wan-" Because, that is also the day he lost his Master as well. Much like myself, the glory of becoming a Jedi was...bittersweet. Now come Anakin we have our own preperations to make."

Tox- "Have you room for one more Commander?"
Commander- ( Hrumph) I wouldn't leave without you sir."
Tox- " Sarcasm commander? That seems a bit benieth you. You may have a sense of humor yet. Hopefully you would have at least left a few for me."
Commander- " I gaurantee nothing sir."
Tox- " Lets be off then."

Pilot 1- "We will be within range in 20 clicks."
Tox- ( whisper)" And hopefully out in less. Force protect us."

1:6 Scale Figures and Collectibles / POTF furry Chewie Question.
« on: March 1, 2006, 11:06 AM »
Apparantly there is a fuzzy Chewbacca variant figure that is supposedly worth quite a sum of money. I beleive that I may have this one but I am not sure. Can anyone give me any information on this, like what to look for or what not. Ive tried to research this myself but all my inquiries have come up empty. I can provide photos if it will help. Thanks in advance.

Customs Community and Group Projects / April Fool's Day Challenge?
« on: February 27, 2006, 08:13 PM »
I had an idea earlier and I was wondering if anyone else would like to participate. I am working on an project so absurd that it is going to have to be posted on April Fools day.

This could be a time to let your imagination run wild, make something really funny, and post it on April 1st. Its more of a lets see who can come up with the most useless custom unofficialy that is. ;D

Who else would like to share in the merriment with me?

This is something we used to do on the Joe boards I used to be on. It was called " The Travelling Joe", and what we used to do was one of us would take one of our joes (usually a custom) take him around our home town and take pics of the figure doing different things, and visiting interesting places. Once the pics were posted we would then proceed to send the figure to the next person and they would do the same. I would like to know if anyone would like to participate in this. If so post your names here.  If there are enough people interested, well do it.Ill start with one of my figs.

Seeing as how I never actually made a thread here with my own work spotlighted, I guess now is a good a time as any. I'll update it as often as I can.
Feel free to post comments, critiques, Dirty jokes..... what ever. ;D :P  Most importantly I just would like to know what my peers think, and as always to strive to get better.

This ones from the Snoova group project over on FFURG.

I intended for him to be the actual Snoova as opposed to Chewbacca in desgiuse. So I wanted to make him as large as possible. The fig itself was once a Wookie Warrior. The chest armor is from a Mummies alive figure, amd the arm and leg armor came from a dollar store Ninja. The eye and leg holster were once an AT-RT gun, and the axe came from an old G.I.Joe knockoff figure. the hair braid is decorated with trophies of unlucky bounties.

This next one is a Barris Offiee. Seing as how the only figure of her in existance is screeming like a banshee, I decided to make one that was better articulated and much more serene.

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