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The Vintage Collection / Re: Big Items of the Future!
« on: April 6, 2018, 09:09 PM »
I think the core problem with Rebels was that it was going up against SW films at the same time, and the 5poa approach didn't exactly enamor that many people.   I always compare it to Clone Wars, which on the other hand came out after the prequel trilogy when kids and fans were starving for more Star Wars media - Hasbro was able to give it a lot more attention too.  There's just a lot more SW media now and Rebels kind of took a back seat.

As for Haslab on Rebels items, as cool as a Ghost would be, I think there's a lot more demand for OT based ships and playsets.  Not that there's not a good following for Rebels, I just would not expect to see a Haslab effort towards trying to make that happen.  Who knows though? 

Regarding other Haslab offerings, if the target is adults then I don't think current entertainment matters too much; it's probably the degree of recognition and fan interest that matters like you mentioned.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Big Items of the Future!
« on: April 6, 2018, 01:32 PM »
I think Rebels is pretty much dead to Hasbro. 

IMO, the only way we'd see a Ghost would be if the made a live action movie with these characters and vehicles.  Rebels would have to have a much bigger following than it currently does.

Some items I'd love to see the big scale treatment are below, though maybe not in this particular order:

- Death Star diorama playset inspired by vintage micro collection
- Cloud City diorama playset inspired by vintage micro collection
- Hoth diorama playset inspired by vintage micro collection
- Imperial Landing platform w/ Endor bunker diorama playset
- First Order AT-M6
- Tantive IV ship/playset
- Tatooine Cantina diorama playset
- Rebel U-Wing
- Maz's Castle diorama playset
- Scarif Citadel diorama playset

...most of these obviously have zero chance of ever happening.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Big Items of the Future!
« on: April 6, 2018, 11:52 AM »
Hisstank is asking people if they'd go for a Haslab USS Flagg, but I'd hope if they do GI JOE to go with a new Terror Drome... I doubt GI JOE would get anything for a while, would depend if the new movie renews interest enough...

My son (soon to be 11) used to love GI JOE but the lack of media, and buddies who are interested in it now has zapped his interest.  He still says he wants a new Terror Drome though.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Big Items of the Future!
« on: April 6, 2018, 12:20 AM »
What would you pay for a rebel transport?  It's cool and all but I have doubts on the overall demand... the original was basically a figure case disguised as a ship for kids....

A modern one aimed at adults would probably need a different approach.... with an elaborate interior.... could be really cool if done right though of course, and I'd probably be up for it.  It's low on my priority list though compared to some other items.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Big Items of the Future!
« on: April 5, 2018, 11:39 PM »
I think a Tantive IV makes a lot of sense but I question the demand.  It could work out great if the sides came off to reveal the iconic hallways, detachable escape pod, landing gear with an improvised loading ramp, etc.  They could design something epic that is 42" or so if they do their homework... it would absolutely need a couple exclusive pack in figures though.... candidates could be BAD C-3PO and R2-D2 on POTF cardbacks.

That being said, I think they should make a Death Star while the iron is hot and if that goes well, consider the Tantive or a Bespin playset.

Since it will pass 5100 here in the next five minutes or so (!!!) the sky apparently is the limit. Crazy. Honestly still debating myself. I feel like being in the game since 77, I kind of need to do this, but... I have NOWHERE for it to go. Doesn't seem to be stopping anyone else though. >.>

Yeah I think a lot of people are in that boat. 

Where the hell are we all going to put this thing?  Well, there's almost a year to figure that out.  I'm not sure yet how I will either; I'll probably part with some more stuff that doesn't matter so much to me.

Add 15 to that.  Itís moving.  God love ya if you bought two cuz your wife probably wonít when she sees them show up.  :-\

I am considering ordering a second one on my secret credit card and having it shipped to my parents house. 

If I do that, my plan is to get my first one opened at my house on one shelf, and have the box displayed on a different shelf.

Then when she is gone one day, I will sneak to my parents house and pick up the second one.  From there, I will flatten the "opened box" and store it away.  The second barge that is still boxed will then slide into place on the shelf. 

She would have no idea.  Yes at some point, I will get caught but I think it's a risk I'm willing to take. 

The Vintage Collection / Re: Big Items of the Future!
« on: March 26, 2018, 01:12 PM »
Didn't the BAT-AT's legs need to be snapped on?  I don't think that would be an issue for packaging, snapping them on is all they'd need to do.

As for how big this thing would be... it would certainly need to dwarf the BAT-AT.  Count me in for one.

I do question the collector market for the AT-M6 though considering how divisive the sequel trilogy seems to be.  And if it were a Haslab project, it would need to be open worldwide.  No more of this US/Canada only approach. 

The Vintage Collection / Re: Big Items of the Future!
« on: March 25, 2018, 09:36 PM »
I'm wondering if we'll see some large scale sequel trilogy vehicles, as well as a full selection of SA figures for that trilogy? If so, I'd be tempted for sure.

^ That could be on the horizon as a future Haslab project, especially if they have a presence in EP9.

I still haven't decided what I'm going to do honestly. I was never really seriously considering it, but I actually do have space for the thing and I can swing the price, and as it gets closer I almost feel obligated to support it. I'm keen on once in a lifetime type opportunities like this, and I would love to see it succeed so we can finally get The Ghost down the road.

Probably going to be an impulsive last minute decision for me...

If you order it, I think come Feb/March last year, you will be a lot happier having it than not having it.

As a collector and fan of anything playset/diorama/big vehicle related, I just can't imagine sitting idle and then next spring seeing everyone's pics who ordered it.  I would definitely have a hard time!  Of course my tastes aren't the same as everyone else's.

order #314071XX* - 2/17/18
order #314131XX* - 3/21/18
a difference of 5988

Haslab is currently sitting at 2984 barges "sold". Why the discrepancy?

a) because the order numbers are not truly sequential
b) because of Hasbro shenanigans
c) a wizard did it?

That was my initial thought too... maybe even order something from HTS and see if the number sequence is related...?

On any note, I think Jayson might be onto something.  Suppressing the total would add more orders I would think, because if it was already "officially backed", some people who ordered 2nd and 3rd barges might cancel those extra orders.  And during the last few days, keeping the number "attainable" but not certain would likely encourage more last moment orders.

If Hasbro can make 7-8k of these things, I don't think they have to reveal the true quantity - all they have to do is say they hit the 5k mark and then some... I think.

And because no good deed goes unpunished, Dark Side Toys has apparently decided to capitalize on all this positive momentum by announcing they are no longer taking orders for this thing for the Euro backers. W T H? Nice timing, guys.

Hasbro might have something to do with this announcement.

Well the price for the UK market is like $800+ for this... my goodness

I mentioned to them that the partial payment said balance was due Feb 18 rather than 19.  Also the direct link thing. They said they are going to update it.

Unless I'm missing something, the Dark Side Toys link making the rounds takes you to a details page, but no ordering info. They need to add a link on that page, otherwise you have to search their site to find it... or, am I blind?  I am getting old so maybe I'm just not seeing it.

On any note, use this link to order:

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