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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Commander Faie
« on: August 2, 2005, 09:14 AM »
Great job on Faie!!!

Hey Chewie - The At-At drivers are very smart customs indeed! They should include a mod like this for an evolutions set! Great work!

Anything aeseven7 posts on Ebay is a winner!!!

I love the junk droids - did you make them or are they repaints? Very well done!:)

Sithfire, whats next on the customizing list?


Hey Kevin - Honestly, I'm not sure - Some of my projecs:  a two man Clone Intel team, Cmdr Appo, another Neyo, Shocktrooper from the Clone Wars cartoon, Commander Faie, ROTS video game clones/characters, a few removable helmet revisions like my Commander Gree possibly...I would like to do some human/creature customs as well. I'm kinda moving toward Faie....I will let you know:)

Thanks again for all the comments! It really makes it worth it when you know others enjoy your work:)

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: vader419's customs
« on: August 1, 2005, 10:47 PM »
aww, what the hell, here is one more.
it is a what if type deal
what if maul survived, and sidious kept him as sort of a failed attempt reminder

lmk what you think

LOVE IT! Creepy...exactly what you'd expect from the sith. Good job!

Holy crap!  That Cody is amazing!  The sculpted armor is the clincher for me; It really looks dead on.  I like the various antennae and stuff.  Of course, very clever use of the SA antenna mount for the backpack, I might have to try that for some of my guys. 

That first pic of Cody with his jetpack ignited is incredible.  What kind of camera do you use?  Are you a professional photographer?  Seriously man, your pics are stellar  :o

Thanks for the comments dude - My camera is a Sony DSC-F707, my older digital camera, but still takes great studio shots. I have a Canon Digital SLR but my Sony works best in this situation. Actually I was thinking on retaking these images - A bit to saturated.  I took some photo classes in college but am not a professional. :)

Hey,  That figure looks great.  Just curious, what is that he's satning on.  Looks like some sort of pegboard, but the holes seem really small, and did you put the pegs in?

Whatever that materiak is, it would be great for display pieces.

Thanks - The base is actually from the McFarlane's Spawn evolutions assortment. They work really well for display :) Wish he sold them seperately...


Cool man, that's some good sculpting you have going on there. 
Is that sculpey?

Super Sculpty - You can get it at any craft store I believe

Here is my "real world" Cmdr Cody from Clone Wars - Had to go back and rethink the jetpack, adding some extra "cool" features. First the figure - Thanks to Bantha5 for the head sculpt...

The Hand Blaster from the holster is removable...

The removable jetpack....I tool a little creative license - the Clone Wars animated version was just to plain for the real world.

Cody with Jetpack...

what's a jetpack with no "jet"....

You guessed it - Got the jet pack from the Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon figure - Really think that it gives this figure pop - Hope you enjoy:) Thanks for all the comments and advice!!!

I have several figures on tap...

***Non-Animated version of Commander Cody from the Clone Wars saga

***Non-Animated Shock Trooper from the Clone Wars saga

***V-Wing variant republic version (white)

***Commander Appo

***An additional #41 Neyo soldier

***Clone Intel Unit (2 figs)

***Clone Heavy Weapons division (from the ROTS video Game)

***Commander Faie (2 versions - removable helmet and cloaked)

***Various Clone Repaints

***A Turbo Tank (Plans on paper right now)

***Various senators, droids etc...

Thanks! I hope you guys enjoy the finished images I just posted!

When it comes to the detail...I had to use a magnifier for this one so don't think I merely eyeballed it - Be in bed with a migrain if that was the case! :)

I know that the eyes were not 100% accurate and I kinda did that on purpose - again using the theme of this guy being an imperial v-wing pilot and not a republic v-wing pilot. The white version I will work on eventually will have the corrected eyes so it will seem to stand out more as a variant.

The straps are again made from styrene then superglued to the top inside of the leg and rapped around and attached to the hanging strap on the small of his back. I was thinking of just sculpting the strapping but I wanted that 3-D look to it.

I used Testors acrylics :5 shades of gray, black, gloss black, white and a mix of yellow and red for the dark orange insignia.

I feel he needs some way to defend himself when not in flight so I'm designing a removable holster for a side arm...but I probably won't get to that till later.

Commander Cody from Clone Wars animated series is next - I saw Glass's Animated sculpt of Cody on the rebscum board and went nuts! Great job!! I wish to do a non-animated version - Gonna be fun!:) Of course I will post progress pics as well. Thanks again guys for your feedback and comments!!!

Cool!  What's the source for the illustration?  Is that a scan from The Art Of Revenge Of The Sith?

Correct! :) Thanks!

bump for new images

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