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Star Wars Action Figures / Re: V-Wing Pilot WIP!!!
« on: July 15, 2005, 11:11 AM »
Excellent start.  Did you dremel out his face on the mask?


No - Need to get one. Used an xacto knife - I've got bandaids on my thumbs...:)

V-wing pilot is finished - May ad an imperial insignia on the other shoulder and possibly a removable holster - don't know yet. Anyway, did not realize how difficult the mask would be to sculpt but I'm please with it. May do a variant later of the v-wing in white during the republic, pre-empire. I left the progress images below. I hope you enjoy! 

First off the images below are property of Lucasfilm and come from the Art Of Episode III book....

I am planning on working up several customs in the comming weeks - Hopefully some of these images will help you guys with your customs as well....



...and removable helmet variant...

Clone Intelligence Units...

CMDR Cody (from Clone Wars series)
Images comming....

V-Wing Pilot/ARC Gunner (alt white) 

If you guys have any other source images of figures you are wanting to work on please, post them here so we all can get a little inspiration! :) Updates to follow....

I just joined this forum and am freaking out about this modular design your working on - it's just to good dude - I'm at a loss for words here - Good work! Can't wait to see more!!!

Hello all! CHEWIE was nice enough to let me know of this great forum and asked me to join - Thanks! There's a ton of talent on this board and I hope we can all help each other out from time to time with ideas and techniques....below are some of my recent customs, some of you have seen, others have not. I hope you enjoy - Thanks again!

Commander Cody (props to Bantha5 for the head sculpt)

Commander Fox (or at least we thinks he's a commander - Helmet being revised)

Commander Neyo (still being revised)

Commander Gree

Shock Troopers

Some decal experiments I am working on...

I am currently working on various other customs that I will post soon - Thanks again for looking! Glad to be part of the forum!

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