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Jocasta's Reading Room / Re: Comics- Star Wars #1
« on: January 14, 2013, 09:38 AM »'s the latest on SW #1:

* Sold out in 24hrs. !!!!  That' pretty good for a SW comic.
* A second printing is scheduled.  Supposedly the second print will only have the Alex Ross art, no text.
* There are going to be 4 variant covers coming out around the time of issues #4-#7. Interesting, and want all of them!
* The first print of SW #1 (checking into it the first weekend after it came out 1/13/2013) is going anywhere from about $10 to $30+.  That's fantastic... I don't think I've seen this much excitement for a SW comic since around Dark Empire!

Love it!  All good news!

Jocasta's Reading Room / Dark Horse Star Wars Series
« on: January 11, 2013, 01:51 PM »
In regards to the new ongoing series, SW #1 came out 1/9/2013.   Apparently the first printing sold out, and they are ALREADY doing a second print.  Wow.  Great news.

Supposedly the second printing will have the Logo, wording etc. on the back cover or inside back cover or something.  The cover will be just the plain Alex Ross art (not saying his art is plin, just that there will be no text over it).


By the way it's a great read!  Great art.  Vader is done a bit differently than you sometimes see him.. a slight bit of a Manga style to him.  i'm ot a fan of Manga, but this works for me.  Pretty good stuff.

Highly recommend!

The Vintage Collection / Re: $5 Vintage Collection @ Five Below
« on: December 24, 2012, 01:07 PM »
Just hit the 5 Below in Monroeville and they only have a handful eft.  They are towards the back and hnging on pegs.  They did have one Sndtrooper left FYI.  No wheelbarrows, and no new waves..... yet.

Merry Christmas!

I think this board needs a spell chekr.   :-[


I try to log on at work from time to time and fly through about 3 or 4 sites, and blast as many posts as I can in a short amount of time.  unfortunately, my PC at work is crap, runs extremely slow, sticks, an often I just hit send.  If I went back and spellchecked everything I'd be here all freakin day.  Pain in the @.

Side note.. I was able to snag a Darth Vader supreme costume this weekend for $300. I thought it was a steal, and usually can't find one under $400 on ebay!  Should look good in the collection room once I get a mannequin for it.  I'll need one that's at least 6'2"  I'd like to have it in one corner and my vintage ROTJ arcade game  in the opposite corner.  Might motivate me to get the arcade games out of the garage.

The Vintage Collection / $3 figures
« on: December 21, 2012, 03:28 PM »
I responded to a recent postat PSWCS.  The had a handful of VC figs at about $3 ea.  Bought 4. 

A few notes...

1) loads up my eail with ads. Had torespond to stp that.
2) Thyship in a mailer envelope,s 2 showed up minty, 2 had dinged bubbles.

Just a waring in case you have to have minty figs.

Not complaining as for $3 it's still a decent deal.  (Ended up bing abou $4ea. once shipping is figured in)

Collector's Tips / Great inexpensive plastic cases!
« on: December 21, 2012, 03:18 PM »
Just an idea I thought I'd share. (no idea why it took me so long to post)  Clear Plastic cases on a budget!

I had a leftover clear plastic case for stadard size footballs.  The loose vintage Jabbas playset fits in it perfectly! It looks like I spent a fortune on the case!

I was able to find some plastic cases for under $10 I beleive, and I know Michaels and other places have some that go on thier half off sale every so often (footballs, basketballs, etc.)and they have some nice high end ones on sale from time to time as well.  Even the cheap ones look great, and while not exactly made for SW collectibles, they work great on certan items without having to spend the $$$$ for custom jobs (even though I have some great Oscars cases custom cases as well).

Conventions / Re: Pittsburgh's "Steel City Con" Toy & Collectible Show
« on: December 21, 2012, 01:39 PM »
It was good to see eveyone this year.  Was able to hit up BWW with the PSWCS (how's that for using abbreviations?) Had some fun and some trades landed me the following:

* Some more Topps Galactic Files cards and a little bit closer to completing the collection. 
* A gammorean Guard- Thanks Jesse!
* A VC ARC TRooper
* A Club Fett poster auto'd by the artist at the show.
* A Mon Mothma Celebration auto's 8X10 to add to the 8x10 autograph wall at home. (already had Caroline's auto on the fig and poster, jut not on an 8X10.

Show was pretty good as it usually has been. Was able to snag:

* Some carded VC figs (some unpunched) for $5ea. including the Luke Lightsaber deleted scene.
*  A few more LE Silver base Attactix figs.  Not really actively looking for them, but over the years I have been able to grab a bunch of the silver base variations, so if I happen to see any in the clearance bins, or boxes at shows and conventions, I'll grab them.  Got about 4 of them for $2 total, not bad.
* That's about it.  GF grabbed some misc SW and superhero figs for the kids for Xmas.

As far as what SW was at the show...the vintage is becoming scarce, and the little there rends to be pretty pricey.  one of the Ohio guys sets up shop every year and is about the only reasonably priced when it comes to vintage SW.

POTF2, POTJ, EPI...all in a lot less quantities.   Used to find a ton of these in clearance bins/boxes for $2-$3ea. carded.  Now it's more like $5 and up.  Loose you used to be able to grab most for $1-$2, now it's more like $3 or $4ea.  So the early modern is getting a bit tougher to spot, and the prices seem to be slowly creeping up on those.

The recently released modern is rediculously priced.  $40-$50 for some of the very HTF modern figs, not a ton of them available, but enought that they shouldn't be that much.  The latest VC wave wasn't all over the place like I thought it would be, but most from that wave were $14 and up, with a coupld going as high as $40.

All and all a great show, lots of fun, good seeing everyone...mission accomplished!

The Vintage Collection / Re: Vintage Collection Wave 17 (2012 Wave 7)
« on: December 5, 2012, 08:14 PM »
I've seen these on the secondary market in some stores here in Pgh. for anywhere from $14.99 up to $39.99ea, Republic Trooper and Royal Guard on the high end followed by Asohka, Lumat and the OT figs.

Really looking forward to dinner, and to the show.  Won;t be buying much, but you never know, usually walk out with a little something at each show.

Be good to see you again my man!  Been a while.

I'll have the "box 'O crap" to do some trading.  I'm hoping some folks bring the new Topps cards, I'm hoping to trade some of the misc small stuff I have to try and piece the set together.

Conventions / Re: Pittsburgh's "Steel City Con" Toy & Collectible Show
« on: November 14, 2012, 02:14 PM »

You ever pick a place for diner that Friday night?

I'm game!

I'm up for dinner Frday night.  Just let me know when and where! If the GF is up for it, I may bring her as well.

I'll be hitting the show on Sat. AM, and will be working the PA SW Collectors Society booth for a few hours.  Pimping some of the Yoda burn camp coins we have left.

It's nice not traveling all ver the freaking place..I can sit down and enjoy a few things finally.  This should be a fun show with the Disey excitement....lots to chat up.



Collections / Re: Kweh-chan's Neimoidian/Duros collection
« on: November 7, 2012, 01:31 PM »
Ha! Who would have thunk it...right?

Great pics!

Collections / Re: Bobafett14 collection pics updated
« on: November 7, 2012, 01:30 PM »
Haha! Thanks!

I need to work on that...a lot of the pics are older from about 5-8 years ago or so.  Some like the poster I recently updated (I still need to get all the photos of everyone signing framed and hung around it.  I added some autographed figs, comics, etc. I've obtained over the last few years as well... still some work to be done.

I'm starting to post some misc toys I've found in grams attic.  Things like my Power Passers set, the Electric football, some hot wheels, erector set, commodore 64, Odessey 2, Atari, etc. etc.  Always fun.  SW is still by far the main focus, but have some misc toys and sports collectibles here and there as well.

I love checking out everyones collection pics!

Other Collectibles / Re: Collecting 'To Do' Lists!
« on: November 7, 2012, 01:24 PM »
With the whole Disney/Lucasfilm deal, and I'm sure companies probably still don't know what's in the works now or in the future...and since the movie is now planned for about 2015..that should give us a little bit of time to get caught up.  Ebay appears to be quite busy.  Lots of stuff selling (and for some really good prices) as of late... I'm even seeing POTF2 starting to get some decent $.  I recently saw a POTF2 normal, no variations...Yoda/Vader lot go for about $12 (when you figured in S&H and all)...not too shabby!  I'm guessing LOTs are going back and playing catch up now, especally since everyones had some time to cool down from the Celebration and all.

I may go back and focus on some vintage holes...

I'm down to only need about 3 comics from the original MArvel #1-#107 series.  I picked up a minth #1 and a bagged #1-#3 in the last year.  I also need one Droids comic, a few Ewoks, and 2of the #d comics, to finish my vintage Marvel comic run.  (I usually try to snag for cheap at the cons/shows/etc.)

I recently grabbed some vintage boxes.  i have some loose vintage I could try and get the remaining for if they come at a chep price.  I just found a few SW power Passers in grams attic, and just found the warranty sheet for the electronic Battle Command Game, so I may try and complete what I have in the vintage before moving along.  ???

Modern, I laid off around the time the 30th Anniv. was finishing up, so i have plenty to catch up on there.  Probably look to get some commons at first (if I can find them cheap) at the shows and all.  then go back and piece together some of the harder ones.

I need some misc stuff like a Wilton C3PO cake pan to complete that part of the collection, things like that.  I just grabbed an original '76 novel first edition for about $11 (S&H included), been wanting that for a lng time to put with the SW book collection.

Stuff like that...bits and pieces.

I'm curious to seewith Disney buying Lucasfilm, and announcing what everyone has been hoping fo EP 7,8,9...  will there be a sudden surge of collectors?

Will folk that "dropped out" get back into it again?
Will this bring on any newcomers? 

What about all the "Disney" collectors with $$$ in thier pockets...will any of those folks jump onto the SW band wagon now????? (I think not, but you never know Disney collectors are as nutty as we are)

Will current folks spend more on the hobby, now the the futurelooks intact?
Will anyone drop out because they don't like where this is headed?

If I had to guess I think we'll see a surge right now...then a steadyrise in the overall hobby...I would guess the normal trends would remain, but at a slightly higher level.  Overall I think it makes the hobby a little stronger.


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