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Other Collectibles / 2011 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys
« on: June 28, 2011, 10:32 AM »

Man what do they have against giving us something we can use with the 3 inch figures?
I mean Star wars Toys = 3 inch figures why do they stubbornly refuse to acknowlegde this and try to reinvent the wheel with this stuff every time. Those CW skateboards were close to the mark. If happy meals had a 3 inch jawa or astromech or any small army builderish character or set peice or accesory, or even a static molded battle droid molded in  the right scale. I would gain a houdred pounds eating happy meals for every meal. Again, Marketing idiots.
I remember there was a cereal back in the 80s ( May have even been GI Joe Cereal) that came with cardboard cut outs on the box for GI Joe equipment, and I stil used and played with all that stuff for like a decade later. When I gave my Joes to my cousin, it was all still in the HQ

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