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Thanks, Matt.  ;D

It was another eBay blessing sent my direction. I search daily on eBay, of course with keyword "Jango", and this popped up.

I was debating it at first, as it was a $20 difference between the BIN and the starting price. Then I factored in the fact it had gone for as much as $75 last time I saw it, which was a while ago, so I just bit the bullet.

I sold my lightsaber pen set about 3 months ago on eBay for $50, and kind of regretted it. So, this is a nice way to get it back, and in to have it again in a whole lot rarer and more professional nature, collectible wise.

History wise, as far as I know, it's a press kit like any other, just with the SW touch. Of course it was issued by General Mills, and was available to television and radio markets, so I have heard.

I also own the press kit for a personal favorite movie, Bandits. It came with a DVD screener, wig, sideburns, hair color, a deposit bag, fake money, and Bandits highlighters. They also come with press releases re: the film, i.e. actors and the like.

I can't wait to get this!  ;D
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