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Didn't this happen last time too where the retro prototype figure showed up in stores sporadically for 7-10 days before preorders were filled?

Yes it did, but no, I have not seen any sign of them in stores.  Anyone know the DPCI to double check if they're in the back?

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Stranger Things - Netflix
« on: July 11, 2022, 05:39 PM »
I was really impressed with this season - it might be my favorite so far.  The whole unraveling the plot with One/Vekna was brilliant and there were tons of great plot twists if you weren't spending too much time trying to solve them.  I was seriously panicked the first time Vekna came for Max and haven't been that concerned about a character for a very long time.  This is also probably the only show where I've enjoyed them splitting the cast into separate groups.  I was a big fan of Lost, Walking Dead, and others that tried this, but they weren't able to do it the way ST did and still make you care about what was happening with each "team."  The origin of the Upside down and links back to earlier seasons were excellent as well.  I don't know if there's ever been a movie or show with this big of a cast where everyone got a relevant plot line (except Jonathan I guess).  And I absolutely loved Eddie's character - hoping we get a little more of him next season even if its just flashbacks. 

Yes, some of what happens is a little too convenient I guess, but it all made for good storytelling in my opinion.  I liked the Robin/Nancy duo, but agree that Robin's lesbian love interest wasn't really necessary.  That seems forced into the new Thor: Love and Thunder movie as well.  I don't have anything against it - it just didn't add anything to the story for me.  And I don't really understand Will's odd behavior - he's been fairly useless since the first two seasons.  It would be nice if they could have tapped into his "I sense the upside down" power a little sooner or used him to figure out how to hide better in the upside down.  Those are pretty minor complaints though for what was mostly a kick ass adventure.

My two Night Brother Archers showed up from GameStop yesterday. Even though itís just a repaint I really like the figure and the bow is very cool. Glad I got an extra to open.

Has anyone found these in stores yet?  I gambled on this one since the last few have been pretty easy to find and often cheaper in stores.

Joe Defender / Re: Haslab Classified Series 6" Scale HISS Tank
« on: July 11, 2022, 05:14 PM »
Okay, so I'm getting more and more tempted to pick up one of these.  Does anyone know if the Tactician figure goes to ALL backers?  Or is it just those people that backed in the first week?

It should be included for everyone -

"If the project fully funds by reaching 8,000 backers within the first week of launch (before midnight on Wednesday July 6th), everyone who backs the H.I.S.S. HasLab project through the end of the campaign will receive an exclusive Cobra H.I.S.S. Tactician figure"

Thanks Jeff!  I felt like there were other comments that made it sound like it was only for the initial backers, so getting everything obviously makes it more appealing.

Joe Defender / Re: Haslab Classified Series 6" Scale HISS Tank
« on: July 11, 2022, 03:57 PM »
Okay, so I'm getting more and more tempted to pick up one of these.  Does anyone know if the Tactician figure goes to ALL backers?  Or is it just those people that backed in the first week? 

They're going to make me purchase another damn membership for Hasbro Pulse.

Does having a Pulse membership help you get this or is it a SDCC exclusive?  I am neither, so if anyone has info on tracking one down please share.  I think this is a great little set.  I know people hate repacks, but there's enough different here for me and I would hate these a lot more if they were 3 repacks + 1 new figure that made everyone want one.

I'm good with this so I know what to be looking for in the little paper wrappings.  Still having an Ikea-like insert to show how things are supposed to connect together would sometimes be helpful.

Even Ikea has  piece of paper showing crude drawings of what's in the box and how it fits together.  Good point on the language barriers, but pictures are fine.  Heck, the catalog doesn't even need to have English text in it - they can show 10 figures with numbers next to them and a key that maps to the 10 figure names. 

One gripe with the latest plastic free packaging on the deluxe figures (Boba Fett and Ahsoka) is that you really have to inspect the folded paper packets holding the accessories to make sure you got them all.  There aren't any instructions or other helpful inserts that list what is in the package, and I get a little concerned that there is something super small stuck in one of the corners that I'm missing.

I hate that companies don't include basic instruction sheets for anything these days.  What do those cost, like a penny to include in the box?  Or heck, print it on the box if you have to.  They should bring back the little mini catalogs of product as well - those were awesome to leaf through even if you already had the stuff.

If anyone got one of these then decided they didn't want it, I'm interested.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 6" Black Series Rumors
« on: July 5, 2022, 09:59 PM »
It looks like some people are getting their Cobb Vanth orders outright cancelled by Amazon due to lack of supply. 

I got a weird "do you still want this?" email like Target sends to approve a delivery delay, with no estimated delivery date provided.

Uh oh.  I think I ordered mine through EE...

The Vintage Collection / Re: June 1st Pre-Orders?
« on: June 2, 2022, 12:58 AM »
Wait, is that a variant that I didnít know about and might need to track down?  Which Han?

Black Series Han TFA.  Pretty sure mine has brown hair.

I've been reading that there's a variation on the Droids Boba Fett.  One version has the Wookiee braids and another does not.  I looked at my two and they both have the braids.  Does anyone have the version without them?

All of mine have the braids.  Where did you hear about it?  Is it a variation or just a factory error?

The Vintage Collection / Re: June 1st Pre-Orders?
« on: June 1, 2022, 02:22 PM »
6/1 pre-orders

Retro Collection Snowspeeder Luke - Target

TVC Troop Builder 4-Pack: Hoth Rebels x2 (Pulse)
TVC Jedi: Survivor 3-Pack (Pulse)
TVC Dark Trooper x2 (Target)
VC260 R2-SHW (Pulse)
VC245 OWK Obi-Wan Kenobi (Pulse)
BS6" Gaming Greats Riot Scout Trooper (Not on GS yet)
BS6" Concept Art Kenobi/Vader 2-Pack (Skipping)
BS6" TM S2 Greef Karga  (Waiting)
BS6" OWK Fifth Brother (Waiting)
BS6" OWK Fourth Sister (Waiting)
BS6" OWN Grand Inquisitor (Waiting)
BS6" TCW S7 Maul (Waiting)
BS6" AOTC Aayla Secura x2 (Target)

Super Helpful List. Thanks Jeff!  Is there a new Vader out today too?

TV-9D9 / Re: Kenobi (Disney+) - (SPOILERS possible)
« on: May 31, 2022, 10:28 PM »
How does Reva know about Leia and her ties to Obi-Wan?  Like, itís a secret even to Vader that Luke has a sister.

The connection is Bail.  He was a strong supporter of the Jedi and Obi-Wan is last seen on Bail's ship.  There's no one else around with ties to Kenobi from the prequels (unless they can dig up Jar Jar), so it makes sense that you kidnap Bail's daughter or wife to try to draw Kenobi out of hiding.  I don't think that's a stretch, but I think it's odd that you would send a spy/bounty hunter/inquisitor to follow Bail after the kidnapping to find out where Kenobi is hiding.  If you think Bail is the connection, then why not track him to find Kenobi's hideout and catch him off guard? I would have liked to see Bail contact Kenobi remotely or at least throw on a disguise.  Heck, if Reva can read minds why even both with Leia - just go trap Bail and find the Kenobi connection.

If the inquisitors were younglings, theyíre all 17 year olds.

Maybe not an official youngling, but Reva could have been pre-teen and is now in her lower 20's.  I would buy that.  I did read somewhere that the Inquisitors were all fallen Jedi and I think Kenobi confirmed that in his dialogue.  Vader supposedly trained them too, so either by some form of recognition or him simply saying who he is, I'm not surprised the inquisitors know his former name. 

So no info yet then beyond, one got put on shelves too early in Europe?  Itíd be nice to know when and where I need to look to snag one before they cost $100.

I've asked my contact in Florida a couple of times now since it was announced, but still no sign of them at the Disney park shops.

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