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The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 6" Black Series Rumors
« on: July 5, 2022, 09:59 PM »
It looks like some people are getting their Cobb Vanth orders outright cancelled by Amazon due to lack of supply. 

I got a weird "do you still want this?" email like Target sends to approve a delivery delay, with no estimated delivery date provided.

Uh oh.  I think I ordered mine through EE...

The Vintage Collection / Re: June 1st Pre-Orders?
« on: June 2, 2022, 12:58 AM »
Wait, is that a variant that I didn’t know about and might need to track down?  Which Han?

Black Series Han TFA.  Pretty sure mine has brown hair.

I've been reading that there's a variation on the Droids Boba Fett.  One version has the Wookiee braids and another does not.  I looked at my two and they both have the braids.  Does anyone have the version without them?

All of mine have the braids.  Where did you hear about it?  Is it a variation or just a factory error?

The Vintage Collection / Re: June 1st Pre-Orders?
« on: June 1, 2022, 02:22 PM »
6/1 pre-orders

Retro Collection Snowspeeder Luke - Target

TVC Troop Builder 4-Pack: Hoth Rebels x2 (Pulse)
TVC Jedi: Survivor 3-Pack (Pulse)
TVC Dark Trooper x2 (Target)
VC260 R2-SHW (Pulse)
VC245 OWK Obi-Wan Kenobi (Pulse)
BS6" Gaming Greats Riot Scout Trooper (Not on GS yet)
BS6" Concept Art Kenobi/Vader 2-Pack (Skipping)
BS6" TM S2 Greef Karga  (Waiting)
BS6" OWK Fifth Brother (Waiting)
BS6" OWK Fourth Sister (Waiting)
BS6" OWN Grand Inquisitor (Waiting)
BS6" TCW S7 Maul (Waiting)
BS6" AOTC Aayla Secura x2 (Target)

Super Helpful List. Thanks Jeff!  Is there a new Vader out today too?

TV-9D9 / Re: Kenobi (Disney+) - (SPOILERS possible)
« on: May 31, 2022, 10:28 PM »
How does Reva know about Leia and her ties to Obi-Wan?  Like, it’s a secret even to Vader that Luke has a sister.

The connection is Bail.  He was a strong supporter of the Jedi and Obi-Wan is last seen on Bail's ship.  There's no one else around with ties to Kenobi from the prequels (unless they can dig up Jar Jar), so it makes sense that you kidnap Bail's daughter or wife to try to draw Kenobi out of hiding.  I don't think that's a stretch, but I think it's odd that you would send a spy/bounty hunter/inquisitor to follow Bail after the kidnapping to find out where Kenobi is hiding.  If you think Bail is the connection, then why not track him to find Kenobi's hideout and catch him off guard? I would have liked to see Bail contact Kenobi remotely or at least throw on a disguise.  Heck, if Reva can read minds why even both with Leia - just go trap Bail and find the Kenobi connection.

If the inquisitors were younglings, they’re all 17 year olds.

Maybe not an official youngling, but Reva could have been pre-teen and is now in her lower 20's.  I would buy that.  I did read somewhere that the Inquisitors were all fallen Jedi and I think Kenobi confirmed that in his dialogue.  Vader supposedly trained them too, so either by some form of recognition or him simply saying who he is, I'm not surprised the inquisitors know his former name. 

So no info yet then beyond, one got put on shelves too early in Europe?  It’d be nice to know when and where I need to look to snag one before they cost $100.

I've asked my contact in Florida a couple of times now since it was announced, but still no sign of them at the Disney park shops.

TV-9D9 / Re: Kenobi (Disney+) - (SPOILERS possible)
« on: May 5, 2022, 01:44 PM »

Amazon links:

AotC Anakin ->
Mando Super Commando ->


I ordered the case off EE using the link on the main JD page.  I thought the two Stormtroopers were part of that case, but apparently they're solo releases?  I added one of each along with the case.  Hoping EE takes better care of them than what I've received from Amazon or Walmart.

Rob, I don’t want to alarm you but you might want to check out this review from an initial release about a month ago... (there might be an ad at first.)

Yikes.  That looks like something that was made by someone who almost knows how to make things. 

I wonder if they could do some sort of tamper-proof package with some sort of perforated cardboard with a pull tab? Once opened the perforation would have little color indicator to show the package had been opened.

(Think a cardboard version of Oreo packaging.)

That or something like a red line in the tape that shows as broken when the tape is cut?  There's got to be an easy tamper solution out there.  Just not sure how cost effective it is or if they would care. 

I remember when Walmart first came out with the self-checkout machines.  A news anchor was interviewing some WM bigshot and asked if they were worried about increased shoplifting.  His reply was that they forecasted an increase in theft, but that the savings from fewer checkout people would still be a huge net gain.  Profit always trumps integrity I guess.  Hasbro gets paid by retailers, not consumers, so they might not really care.

Don't forget about a new Skittles style retro figure, maybe a Boba Fett or a Mandalorian this time.

Maybe they'll make Rob's life easy and do a rainbow skittles R2, so he only has three colors to deal with.

Careful what you wish for.  They can get to 5 with a different head, 2 side legs, body, and center leg...

About a year ago, one of those viral TikTok challenges started to steal the head off a Lebron James Space Jam figure.  It was a HUGE issue for that toy line.  The packaging had to be completely revamped, the manufacturer (Moose Toys) had to send out "repair kits" (basically an adhesive plastic strip to hold the head in place) to retail to try to stop it from happening.  There was a HUGE amount of product that had to be trashed or sent back. 

I would hope Hasbro/Mattel would learn from that but...

Yep - that's what I was referring to.  I saw dozens of pictures of the leftover headless figures on the MN Toy Posse page along with seeing several in-store myself.  What a waste.  In totally unrelated news, anyone in the market for a bunch of Lebron James heads?  Asking for a friend.

I keed, I keed.  ;D

Here’s a new one:

I won on auction earlier today, at least I think I did, where I was the only bidder. However, eBay refuses to acknowledge that I actually won the auction. No confirmation email, nothing. When I click on the item page it says “We’re determining the winner. Please refresh the page.”  ???

I googled it and couldn’t find any reference to this on the internets. WTH?

Just won an Ebay auction and have the same thing.  I sniped someone in the last 30 seconds, bidding $21 and the auction closed for $17.50.  But it says "We're determining the winner. Please refresh the page." And nothing changes when I refresh.  Not sure what this change is all about, but its pretty annoying as I'd like to pay and move on to something else. 

And so it begins...

Cool deal!  I feel like I got my fill of the Remnant Stormtroopers though.

+1 and I'm not a big fan of weathered figures anyway.  Good deal though.

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