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The Vintage Collection / Re: Walmart TVC "Original 96" Exclusives
« on: March 25, 2022, 11:22 AM »
Iíve seen people on the TVC Facebook group saying that Walmart banned them from placing online orders because they returned damaged figures.  I donít know how many returns they made, but it seems like a pretty vengeful thing for Walmart to do.  Especially since those returns were prompted by Walmartís shoddy handling of the products. 

I have mixed feelings on this.  WM does a really bad job on handling these figures.  The latest TCV came all in separate envelopes for me and they were all pretty poorly damaged.  I returned for a replacement and they shipped the replacements all in one box, slightly less damaged but still damaged on every card.  That's frustrating.

On the flip side, I've read several FB Group posts about guys ordering 10 of the same figure, then shipping 9 of the 10 back because they weren't perfectly mint.  There is a lot of gray space between a folded card and crushed bubble versus a slight ding on the bottom left corner. If the banned people are the ones consistently ordering way more than they ever intend to keep and leveraging free shipping back and forth, Walmart should 100% ban those guys as they are ruining inventory and costs for the rest of us.

As for this wave, I had the same struggles ordering as everyone else.  Dedicated a solid hour to getting all 5 across three separate attempts through the morning, but I finally got to 2x of each and 4x stormies across just two orders.  Royal pain in the ass to order, but I'm just happy to have them (hopefully) secured as WM exclusives are pretty hard to track down in store where I live.

I ordered replacements of the Battle Droid and 3 Jedi from this wave and all four arrived in one package today!  All mangled and bent cards, but all in one package!  I swear, Walmart shipping must be run by Lucy from the Peanuts.

Signed in to Gamestop to preorder these, but sure enough they don't offer the free shipping for one of each.  They upped the price to $28 AND the shipping to $6 each, so with taxes just one of each figure comes to $75.  I want them, but I don't $75 want them.  I'll be holding off on these and just hope to get them in store.  I had a preorder for the Nightbrother and Jump Trooper and ended up finding them in store before my preorder shipped anyway.

The Bullpen / Re: Marvel Legends
« on: March 17, 2022, 08:11 PM »
All the Targets near me have 5-6+ Hammerheads.  Lots of Shockers left behind too.  I can't tell if its cases of them or if people are just buying up the others in the case.

How much you want to bet GameStop puts 2 different shipping dates on these to avoid people ordering both at the same time and getting Free Shipping?  ::)

I'd put money down on that.  I was able to sneak in multiple items for free shipping with the Archive wave, but you're SOL on the rest of them unless you order doubles.  Which I have been guilty of doing... ::)

The Vintage Collection / Re: Walmart TVC "Original 96" Exclusives
« on: March 16, 2022, 11:56 PM »
I guess I'm in the minority here, but I like all 5 of the figure choices.  They're all nice upgraded versions of the original vintage figures.  I'm bummed that they're Walmart exclusives, but that's been easier to order than Walmart and a lot cheaper than EE or other Fan Channel exclusives.  I'd prefer just a regular release, but happy they're coming out all the same.

TV-9D9 / Re: Kenobi (Disney+) - (SPOILERS possible)
« on: March 10, 2022, 10:44 AM »
My biggest issue is that they've all but said Obi Wan is going to face off with Vader, which absolutely breaks the lore of the time between ROTS and ANH...

Does it though?  I'm guessing they just use Anakin as flashback material, but I don't think it breaks what we saw in ANH if there is a Kenobi/Vader showdown.

Darth Vader: I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you I was but the learner. Now, I am the master!
Ben Kenobi: Only a master of evil, Darth!
Darth Vader: Your powers are weak, old man.
Ben Kenobi: You cannot win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
Darth Vader: You should not have come back.

"When I left you I was but the learner"...Anakin thought he should have been a Master by the time he fights Kenobi on Mustafar.  So is he referring to himself as a student of the force or is he talking more about how he was still new to the powers of the dark side, new to the Sith, new to his armor and new body?  He could still be a learner in those things when Luke is young.  Maybe he loses another duel with Kenobi because he's still a novice, but then feels more like the master when they meet on the death star because he's had another decade of experience as a Sith.

Then there's the "You should not have come back."  Come back from where?  Come out of hiding?  That phrase almost makes me feel like they did meet again at some point between Mustafar and ANH.  I don't think another Vader/Kenobi showdown ruins any of this for me - in fact I think it makes ANH seem a bit more realistic in some ways. 

I'm hoping we get to see the realization that Vader is Anakin from Kenobi at some point.  If Obi-Wan was really all that sheltered on Tatooine, then wouldn't he have been more surprised to find an Armored Vader/Anakin on the Death Star?  It's not like he just felt Anakin's presence off planet during his time on Tatooine without Vader picking up on that connection.

I've been seeing more images of Galen Erso popping up online.  But has anyone gotten their preorders for Galen or General Merrick fulfilled yet?

Still in Pre-order Limbo for me.


The Vintage Collection / Re: Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: March 4, 2022, 11:28 PM »
I was shocked to see what looked like a fresh case of TVC on the pegs at my local Target this morning.  But then it was the Lando / Emperor / IG-11 / Teebo wave.  I picked up a Teebo since I've got multiples of the others already.  And I couldn't help but think where is the Bo-Katan wave?  Shouldn't that be the one that's currently shipping?

Found the same thing at Target Lakeville today. I also snagged the Teebo because you can never have too many murder bears.  Unfortunately that's even more Landos warming up the pegs now though.

Bad Batch Shock Trooper is back on stock now! I just got 2 for $26.48 each with Free Shipping!  ;D

Any idea what is with the $26.48 price?  I grabbed this and Rampart to get the free shipping, but $55 for two regular BS figures?  Weren't we all just complaining about the price hike to $23 like a week ago?

Big box: ARC Trooper Captain (minty)
Small box: ARC Trooper (creased top)
Bubble mailer #1: Battle Droid (creased top)
Bubble mailer #2: Aayla Secura (minty)
Bubble mailer #3: Luminara Unduli (creased top, apparently they folded the card when they folded the mailer)
Bubble mailer #4: Barris Offee (minty)

I guess it ended up 50%.  Not good

You did better than me.

Small Box: Aayla Secura (Big bend and crease on top right, 2 inch crease down the back)
Bubble Mailer #1: Red Battle Droid (2 inch crease along the bottom corner)
Bubble Mailer #2: Luminara Unduli (Small bends and dings on each of the four corners somehow)
Bubble Mailer #3: 2x ARC Trooper Captain (One with horizonta crease along the middle and creases on both sides of the peg hole; the second one is minty-ish)

So disappointing.  And to rub it in, I got two BS Jedha Stormtroopers from Amazon with no packing in the box, but they're both minty case fresh.  Or will be for about 10 minutes until I open them.

The Jedha Stormtrooper arrived today from Amazon, nice figure! They also finally put Cassian up with a 4/1 ship date so I preordered him as well.

Weird filling out all these waves piecemeal, but thatís what you have to do now I guess.

Got my JS today too along with a bunch of TVC.  These arrived minty of course, while all my Walmart TVC was mangled.   ::)

If anyone can spare an ARC Trooper please let me know.  It was the one figure in the wave that I have not been able to order.

Red or Blue?  I ordered an extra Red, but missed the blue as well. 

All the figures I ordered from this wave shipped in the last 24 hours.  I have 6 different figures coming and Walmart is sending them in 5 different packages.  So ridiculous and wasteful.

I had placed my bid well ahead of time but it did occur to me it might have been some kind of last second bid from someone else messing things up. Like a photo finish or something.

Good news is that it finally did go through a few hours later, looks like my bid was the only one, so who knows? Just glad it worked out in the end.

Russian hackers. Again.

Got shipping notice emails from Walmart this morning.  FOUR separate tracking numbers for 5 figures.  ::)

Aayla expected arrival Friday 3/4; Luminara, Bariss, Blue ARC x2 expected arrival Saturday 3/5.

Any chance you're looking to trade your blue for a red or something else?  I was able to score two red but no blue...

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