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Even if you end up with a limit I bet you could talk a few other visitors into buying some extra for you in exchange for cash.  I'd bet half the people going don't buy the droid.

My thing is, it kind of sucks to make a thing with six versions and then only let people order 2. 

They should know the demand outpaces the amount they make... and they've done this three times now.  They should know how to gauge demand so that they make enough that they're possible to find for whoever wants however many they want, without making so many that they're on clearance later.

Yeah, I don't really get what retailers are doing anymore.  There are six versions of these, but you can only buy two and they almost never show up in stores.  When I did find the Stormtrooper in store, he was a limit of 1.  I get wanting to spread them out for multiple people, but you're chasing away the guy that would have bought six of them as well.  Then I look on Facebook and see a guy with 30+ blue CW Arc Troopers and wonder why there isn't a limit so the rest of us can get one.  Maybe something between a limit of two and infinity could work better, and can't someone in finance forecast enough supply for these things?

Itís probably being tracked with the Magic Bands that each guest in the resort wears.  You use them for park entry, paying for meals and at the various gift shops, too.  Since Galactic Starcruiser is so immersive you can probably only pay for things in that gift shop with the Magic Band.  And since Disney wants to keep the experience so exclusive I can understand why they would impose the limits.

I don't think they can force you to pay with the magic bands.  In fact when you check in you have the option to link them to a card or just have them work for sign in's and room keys.  You could probably pay by card for one purchase then pay again with the bands to break things up.  I don't know that anyone there is going to turn you away unless they recognize you or see that you're stockpiling.

Done with these I think - Maybe one random one, but there's too many variations and kind of tired of them now.

Are they at all new or just repacks?  Skipping this one for now.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: Hasbro Pulse Fan Livestreams
« on: April 7, 2022, 03:03 PM »
I haven't ordered Fixer, either.  And given the pattern, you can see that the preorder for Scorch will probably be coming at some point soon.

Beyond that?  I get the feeling that we're going to see even MORE Republic Commandos.  Gregor seems likely.  And would Hasbro go deeper and offer up Omega Squad?  Fi Skirata perhaps?  The motivation for Hasbro to keep offering repaints just lingers over both The Black Series and The Vintage Collection.  And it feels stagnant.

I'm holding out for a better price on these.  $30 each with tax is kind of silly for such obscure characters.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: Hasbro Pulse Fan Livestreams
« on: April 7, 2022, 10:16 AM »
I like everything they revealed this week.  This is a good batch of figures from both lines.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Vintage Collection Rumors
« on: April 7, 2022, 10:14 AM »
She very deliberately mentioned future world building.

Have they used that wording in the past to describe playsets & accessories?  I took it to just mean different sets/scenes/locations based on the various figures.  But if there's something more behind it maybe that means we're getting ship corridors or even a Death Star playset in the near future.   :-X

Got another batch of six of these from my Disney connection:

2x B5-SL (Blue BB)
2x S3-R9 (Grey Astromech)
1x CH-83 (White BB)
1x G4-S8 (Green Astromech)

Delighted to get two more I needed, especially the CH-83.  I also just ordered the JB-9 off Ebay to finish off the set, though I cringed a little at $26 shipped.

Have these for sale if anyone is looking or would trade B5s or S3s for G4s or JBs if anyone needs a swap.

4x S3-R9 (Grey Astromech) $21
2x B5-SL (Blue BB) $21
1x C1-4B (Chopper) $70


1x S3-R9 (Grey Astromech) $21
1x B5-SL (Blue BB) $21

TV-9D9 / Re: Kenobi (Disney+) - (SPOILERS possible)
« on: April 1, 2022, 12:24 PM »
Disney+ put the first episode of Kenobi up for 24 hours!!! Can't wait to check it out over lunch.   

Disney+ Surprises Fans with Limited Early Release Party

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: The MCU post Endgame.
« on: April 1, 2022, 12:19 PM »
Pretty good mystery so far.  Love seeing the different personalities come to life!

I was in a small town in Florida for work last night and stopped by the Walmart and found the entire Archive wave with Revan, Leia, etc. I grabbed one 501st Clone and left the rest since I already have everything (or just donít want the Kenobi). May pick up Leia for cheap later on but I already have 2 other versions of that figure and wonder if the new face paint apps are worth it on their own.

If you look at the Leias side by side, you will come to the conclusion that the new photo real version is absolutely worth it.  So don't look if you don't want to get it.   ;)

The Vintage Collection / Re: Walmart TVC "Original 96" Exclusives
« on: March 25, 2022, 11:22 AM »
Iíve seen people on the TVC Facebook group saying that Walmart banned them from placing online orders because they returned damaged figures.  I donít know how many returns they made, but it seems like a pretty vengeful thing for Walmart to do.  Especially since those returns were prompted by Walmartís shoddy handling of the products. 

I have mixed feelings on this.  WM does a really bad job on handling these figures.  The latest TCV came all in separate envelopes for me and they were all pretty poorly damaged.  I returned for a replacement and they shipped the replacements all in one box, slightly less damaged but still damaged on every card.  That's frustrating.

On the flip side, I've read several FB Group posts about guys ordering 10 of the same figure, then shipping 9 of the 10 back because they weren't perfectly mint.  There is a lot of gray space between a folded card and crushed bubble versus a slight ding on the bottom left corner. If the banned people are the ones consistently ordering way more than they ever intend to keep and leveraging free shipping back and forth, Walmart should 100% ban those guys as they are ruining inventory and costs for the rest of us.

As for this wave, I had the same struggles ordering as everyone else.  Dedicated a solid hour to getting all 5 across three separate attempts through the morning, but I finally got to 2x of each and 4x stormies across just two orders.  Royal pain in the ass to order, but I'm just happy to have them (hopefully) secured as WM exclusives are pretty hard to track down in store where I live.

I ordered replacements of the Battle Droid and 3 Jedi from this wave and all four arrived in one package today!  All mangled and bent cards, but all in one package!  I swear, Walmart shipping must be run by Lucy from the Peanuts.

Signed in to Gamestop to preorder these, but sure enough they don't offer the free shipping for one of each.  They upped the price to $28 AND the shipping to $6 each, so with taxes just one of each figure comes to $75.  I want them, but I don't $75 want them.  I'll be holding off on these and just hope to get them in store.  I had a preorder for the Nightbrother and Jump Trooper and ended up finding them in store before my preorder shipped anyway.

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