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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Date, Marry, Kill
« on: February 21, 2007, 11:01 PM »
Kill: Strawberry

You would kill Strawberry?  That's just wrong...

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Battlestar Galactica
« on: February 21, 2007, 09:29 PM »
I liked last night's episode, but it was nice to hear we're not the only ones counting the days since we've seen any Cylons.

Amen brother. 

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Date, Marry, Kill
« on: February 21, 2007, 09:09 PM »
Date: Shannon Rutherford
Marry: Kate Austin
Kill: Ana Lucia Cortez..or the idiot who decided to put Lost on hiatus for 3 months.  :o

Hey Hasbro! / Re: Need more clones (not kidding)
« on: February 21, 2007, 05:25 PM »

Now that is just me, and my army building is 90% focused on the OT. I am sure there are some big PT fans that would love to be able to amass large clone armies.

My clone army is about 10x the size of my OT Army.  I must have 500 clones in a crazy clone attack dioramma vs. maybe 200 imperials at attention for the Emperor's shuttle landing.  For me, its been more about availability...when they make 2-3 new clones per wave and stack BPs full of them, you're almost forced to army build these guys.... :P

That being said, I'd spend my entire savings on a battle pack consisting os SA versions of Biker Scout, Snow Trooper, Stormtrooper, DS Trooper, AT-AT Driver, TIE Pilot, Imp Officer, etc.

Well in the New Essential Guide to Droids a Protocol Droid is almost as tall as the bottom part of it's leg, so it's pretty big.

Wow.  I'll take two please.  :)

Hey Hasbro! / Re: Questions for Hasbro?
« on: February 21, 2007, 05:16 PM »
I guess LFL isn't aware of Google...  ;D

Or the Behind the Magic CD-ROM that features the full sequence with Biggs and Anchorhead...  ::) 

When in doubt Hasbro, ask someone...  Oh, say, around here. :)

How does Hasbro miss this stuff?  I mean, isn't everyone working on these lines, or at least 99% of them, huge Star Wars fans?  You'd think one person on a particular project team would notice something like this during planning.  :P

Hey Hasbro! / Re: Lars Family Battle Pack
« on: February 21, 2007, 05:13 PM »
I think that this would make a great exclusive battle pack. Give us young owen, beru, and cliegg lars with removable legs and hoover chair. Through in some droids or creatures and all would be well.

You're nuts.   ;D  I would so much rather have a pack of something like 5 shadow stormtroopers or 5 alien jedi for army building. Yeah! Of course, I'm a completist and need to buy everything, so if they make this EF, I'm holding you personally responsible!  >:(  ;)

Other Toy Lines / Re: Transformers
« on: February 21, 2007, 03:30 PM »
I've just been an Alternators collector until a few months ago.  I picked up Classics Bumblebee and he fits well with the Alt's in robot model  I also got the original 20th Anniversary Prime, so that whole display looks sweet.

I've been picking up a few other lines lately - mainly the Classics to get the Jets (Starscream and I think Thundercracker? from the new Target 2-pack).  I like these, but they're a hair small compared to the rest of the Alts.  Oh well.  I picked up a diecast Sound wave as well the other day and am pretty unimpressed with him.   :-\

The Bullpen / Marvel Legends
« on: February 21, 2007, 03:27 PM »
I just buy the Avengers figs, so I'm stoked about wave 2.  I'll be getting Quicksilver, She-Hulk, and Yellowjacket.  If anyone needs the blob pieces from these, just let me know.

Feedback / Re: JediJman's feedback
« on: February 21, 2007, 12:37 PM »
He's off to a good start!

Joined yesterday and he's already scored a nice minty fresh Kubrick from me.

Thanks Justin   ;)

Jay - thanks for setting this up!  And for the figure of course!!

PM sent

Finally, the fish are biting!  PM back at ya.  Thanks!

Newbies / Re: JediJman joins the ranks!
« on: February 21, 2007, 12:28 PM »
Welcome to JD Justin!  Our son's name is Justin and we call him JediJman too!  Very cute babies, btw :)

Seriously?  What a small world!  If your son would ever like to trade places with me and go to my work while I dress up in Star Wars and play, just let me know.  Cool pic of your son btw - can't wait until next Halloween with my kids!

Saga Collection '06 / Re: TSC Recent Acquisitions
« on: February 21, 2007, 11:00 AM »
I got one step closer to completing my Kubrick collection today thanks to a fellow JD collector.  Thanks for the Royal Guard Jay!  ;)

Modern Trading / JediJman's Swap Shop - UGH and Wave 4 Trade Thread!
« on: February 21, 2007, 12:25 AM »
   Updated 09-13-2007           
   Hey, thanks for stopping by and checking out my all new list!  Don't have anything to trade?  Feel free to make me a $ offer and maybe we can still work something out.          

Feedback (JediDefender):;topicseen            
Feedback (Rebelscum):            


   B A S I C  F I G U R E S …scroll down for multi-packs, vehicles, and more!         

   Mail-Away Items:          
   Rebel Fleet Trooper Army Builder (Sealed Box)         
   Mail-In Pre-Episode I Mace Windu         
   Mail-in Han Stormtrooper from Kelloggs         
   Mail-in Spirit Obi-Wan Kenobi         
   Mail-in Saga George Lucas Trooper!    x 2    * 1 Pending to Cohens4*   

   Foreign Bootleg Clone Troopers - Marching or Firing    x 5 of each      
   C3 Exclusive talking Vader! (Without Case) x2         

    30th Anniversary Collection         
 - C4 Exclusive McLuke  *Pending*
 - Legends W1 Battle Droid 2 Pack (with Oom-9)
 - SDCC Exclusive Shadow Speeder with Scout x2

 - UGH Droids Fett
 - UGH McChewie
 - UGH Airborne Trooper

    Saga 2006         
   UGH AT-AT Driver with Stormtrooper Mini!         
   UGH Darth Vader with Vader Mini (Small ding in bubble)         
   UGH Darth Vader with Dooku Mini         
   UGH Anakin with Dooku Mini         
   UGH Fett with Maul, Stormtrooper, or Sideous Mini         
   UGH AT-AT Driver with Stormtrooper Mini         
   UGH Scorch with Han Solo Mini   *Pending to iFett*      
   UGH Grievous with Maul Mini                  
   #56 HOLO COMMANDER CODY         
   #57 CLONE TROOPER (442nd Siege Battalion) x2         
   #59 CLONE TROOPER (Fifth Fleet Security) x2         
   #62 BATTLE DROID 2-PACK X2         
   #63 HOLO OBI-WAN Dark Blue version (With Obi-Wan Mini Fig!)
   #63 HOLO OBI-WAN Dark Blue version (With Amidala Mini Fig!)
   #64 COMMANDER APPO X4 *1 Pending*         

    Original Trilogy Collection         
   Lando Skiff Guard         
   Princess Leia Bespin         
   Cloud Car Pilot         
   Biker Scout         
   TRU Silver R2 (Mint on Card!) x2         

     Revenge of the Sith         
   #2 Anakin (Dooku Red Saber OR Dooku Pink Saber!)         
   #6 Clone Trooper (all white) x3         
   #6 Shock Trooper Repaint (Carded) x2         
   #34 Clone Pilot (Black) x2         
   #35 Palpatine with Blue Lightsaber :shocked:         
   #36 Exploding Grievous         
   #37 Vader's Medical Droid          
   #38 AT-TE Gunner x4         
   #39 Polis Massan          
   #40 Mas Amedda         
   #41 SA Clone Trooper (Reg & With Custom stickers to look like Target Clone! - several colors to choose from.  Choose carded or loose!)         
   #42 Neimodian Warrior         
   #55 Obi-Wan Kenobi Pilot         
   #56 Mustafar Sentry         
   #63 Neimodian Commander         
   #64 R4-P17 (error printed #68 or with #64 sticker)         
   #66 Plo Koon Hologram         
   #67 Aayla Secura Hologram         
   #68 Wookie Gunner (Printed #68 or with #68 sticker)         
   Target Exclusive Mustafar Obi-Wan and collector case         
   Target Exclusive Mustafar Darth Vader and collector case(Anakin without armor)         
   TRU Exclusive Holo Yoda (Mint on Card!)    x 2      
   TRU Exclusive Emperor Palpatine (Loose, complete)         

   Clone Wars Animated Series:          
   Carded Anakin Skywalker (1st version)         
   Yellow Clone Trooper (Carded)         

   Clone Wars: (Non-Animated)         
   Super Articulated Clone Trooper (Loose or on card)     x 2    *1 Pending*   
   Blue/Gray Arc Trooper (Not the Shoulder mis-paint error)         
   EU Yoda         

    Saga 2004         
   Target Exclusive: Boba Fett plus Cup Figure Set         
   Target Exclusive: Stormtrooper plus cup Figure Set         
   Clone Pilot with Gunship Turret Ball          
   02-01: Anakin Skywalker (Outland Peasant Disguise)          
   02-02: Padmé Amidala (Arena Escape) - With or without mole variation         
   02-14: R2-D2 (Coruscant Sentry)         
   02-22: Anakin Skywalker (Hanger Duel)         
   02-29: Luke Skywalker (Bespin Duel)          
   02-30: Darth Vader (Bespin Duel)          
   03-12: Barris Offee (Luminara Unduli's Padawan)         
   03-25: Darth Maul (Theed Hangar Duel)          
   04-11: Holographic Luke Skywalker (Jabba's Palace)         
   04-16: Admiral Ozzel         
   04-19: Han Solo (Endor Strike)         
   Deluxe Death Star Trooper + Accessories (Target Exclusive)         

   Sandtrooper    x 2      
   Boss Nass         
   Bespin Security Guard    x 2      
   Elorrs Madak (loose)         

   Episode I:          
   Pit Droid 2-pack (Carded or Loose)     x 2      
   OOM-9 (with bonoculars in hand or in bubble)         
   Naboo Royal Guard     x 2      
   Naboo Royal Security     x 2      
   Naboo Accessory Set         
   Sith Accessory Set         
   Tatooine Accessory Set         
   Destroyer Droid     x 3     *1 Pending to Vlad*   
   Destroyer Droid (Battle Damage)     x 3      

   Red Deluxe Crowd Control Stormtrooper (.00 or .01)         
   Green Deluxe Boba Fett         
   Green Deluxe Probe Droid         
   Green Deluxe Snowtrooper + Cannon   x3      
   Red Carded Obi-Wan (Long or short Saber)         
   Red Carded Luke Tatooine (Long Saber)         
   Red Carded Luke Jedi (Tan or Black Vest)         
   Red Carded Luke Dagobah (Long Saber or Short Saber/Long Tray)         
   Red Carded Luke X-Wing (Long Saber or Short Saber/Long Tray)         
   Red Carded Stormtroopers    x 10      
   Green Carded Stormtrooper         
   Expanded Universe Space Trooper          
   CommTech Stormtroopers    x 4      
   CommTech Jawa + Power Droid     x 2      
   General Veers figure from AT-AT Walker    x 3      

   ***Have lots of Spare VTSC clam shells available - these are perfect for storage or display and work great for carded vintage figures too!***         

   M U L T I  P A C K S         

   30th Anniversary: Target Exclusive: Attack on Ilum Battle Pack!    x 2      
   30th Anniversary: Target Exclusive: Ambush at Felucia Battle Pack!    x 2      
   30th Anniversary: Episode I Collector Tin 4pack         
   30th Anniversary: Episode II Collector Tin 4pack         
   30th Anniversary: Episode III Collector Tin 4pack         
   30th Anniversary: Episode IV Collector Tin 4pack         
   30th Anniversary: Episode V Collector Tin 4pack         
   30th Anniversary: Episode VI Collector Tin 4pack         
   Entertainment Earth Astromech Droid 5-packs (Sets 1 & 2 available!)    x 2    *1 set Pending*   
   Target Exclusive: Mace Windu Squadron Battle Pack         
   ROTS Deluxe Clone Army 3-pack - all 4 versions (Single Red Clone, Single Blue Clone, Single Green Clone, or all white!)         

   V E H I C L E S          
   30th Anniversary: Darth Vader's Black Jedi Starfighter MIB!         
   Green Box A-Wing Fighter + Pilot         
   Red Box Millenium Falcon (Mint/Boxed)          
    AT-AT Imperial Walker Complete with Figs!(Mint/Boxed)          
   ** Extra General Veers figures from AT-AT Walker available!         
   ROTS Kohl's AT-RT with Bonus Clone Trooper!         

   O T H E R  S T A R   W A R S         

   1 2 "  F I G U R E S          
   Electronic TC-14 MIMB         

   Series 6          
    -Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot         
   Series 5          
    -Yoda X2         
    -Luke Jedi X2         
    -Death Star Gunner X2         

   Galactic Heroes:          
   New! Obi-Wan & Durge!         
    Han and Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise!    x 2      
   Boba Fett + Dengar (1st print error - Wrong Sides!) MOMC         
   Obi-Wan with Bly (loose)         
   Anakin with 501st Trooper (loose)         
   Yoda with Gree (loose)         
   Emperor with Shocktrooper! (loose)
   Lots of others loose - PM if interested.         

   Micro Machines Transforming Playsets: (opened, but complete to my knowledge)         
   Luke X-Wing         
   Royal Guard         
   Tie Pilot         
   Darth Vader         

   Episode One Collector Pepsi Can Set - Complete!  (soda drained via a small hole in the bottom of each can.         

   N O N - S T A R   W A R S         
   Marvel Legends 14 Psylocke (Loose) x2         
   Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch (Loose)         
   Marvel Legends Mystique (Loose)         
   Marvel Legends War Machine (Loose)         
   Marvel Legends Red Iron Fist         
   Marvel Legends Bald Bishop         
   Marvel Legends S1 Captain America         
   Toybiz X-Men 3 Storm (Loose)         
   Transformers Alternators PROWL (Red Box)         
   Transformers Alternators Meister (Red Box)         
   Transformers Alternators Wheeljack (Red Box)         
   Tons of old Spawn, animated batman, Flash gordon, X-Men, Spiderman, etc - PM if interested.         



   Luke and Yoda Mexican 2 Pack          
   Loose Toy Fair Vader         

   B A S I C  F I G U R E S         

    30th Anniversary MOMC:                       -              - All of Wave 5
              - Wave 4 UGH Figures (Let me know what you've got)    
              - Mara/Luke Comic pack with Mara Green Lightsaber MIP      

   The Saga Collection     *Pending      
   Loose/opener Death Star Gunners         

   UGH Pewter Mini Figure Pack-ins (Loose)    *Priority!*      
    - Amidala         
    - Rebel Fleet Trooper         
    - Obi-Wan Kenobi         
    - Luke Jedi          
    - Yoda         

   Deluxe Droid Fighter (Both versions)               

   VOTC & VTSC               
   Stormtroopers - loose is fine         
   Biker Scouts (not a priority - just listing as an item to use for leveling off trades)      

   Jawas 2-pack MOC         
   Tusken Raider MOC   

   Sandtrooper MOC          

   McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper 03-34 with saber over his head          

   Clone Wars Animated         

   Episode I:          
   Ric Ole (Completely Filled in Left Hand) - Loose is okay          

   Green Carded Lando from the Sam's 3-pack (MOMC)         

   Blue Snaggletooth (loose)         
   Warok (just need the bow)         
   A-Wing Pilot's Gun         
   Most vintage 12" Figures[/b]         

   Individual Figure Stands!!! (vintage and new), especially 'grass' stands from various ROTS figures         
   Also looking for custom figures and playsets. Nothing specific - lemme know what you've got.          

   M U L T I  P A C K S         
   30th Anniversary: Tantiv IV Battle Pack (Error with two Black haired Rebels)         
   Saga 2004: Battle of Hoth 4-pack    (loose)      * PRIORITY! *

   V E H I C L E S         
   30th Anniversary: TIE Fighter (Loose)         
   OTC Loose Sandcrawler + Figures   
   POTF2 Y-Wing Pilot (Just need the figure)

   O T H E R  S T A R   W A R S         

   1 2 "  F I G U R E S          
   12" Biker Scout Troopers (Saga MIB) *ALSO LOOKING FOR LOOSE BIKER SCOUTS*         
   TPM 12" Valorum and Senate Guard 2-pack MIMB         

   Series 1-7: Any Chase Figures         
   All of Series 8!         

   N O N - S T A R   W A R S         

   YellowJacket (Variant)         
   Quicksilver (Variant)                  

    MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES 15:         
   Marvel Legends Series 1 Stealth Iron Man         
   Marvel Legends Series 1 Gold Iron Man (Not Yellow Version)         
   Custom ML Avengers Figs (Tigra, Photon, Swordsman, Mockingbird, others)         
   Emma Frost (AKA White Queen) statues, mini busts, etc. - let me know what you have.         
   Thanks for looking!!!         

I hope once I start I won't want to go back to carded collecting!

That's my big fear is wanting to go back once those figs have come and gone.  I've had that happen before and it sucks trying to track down stuff you missed the first time around - especially carded stuff.  At some point though, you do end up running out of space.   :-\

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