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I received the following Kubricks today (Thanks again Stormie!):

Series 2 Han Solo
Series 2 Sandtrooper

My collection slowly grows...

I just started my Kubrick collection as well

I'm already hooked and wanting more now.  Any leftovers you guys have would be apreciated please send a pm.

Edit: w00t just did a deal for a box of series 7 kubricks YAYYYY i can't wait!!

 ;D well my latest acquisitions are S1 4-Lom and Dengar which I've got it from e-bay.It's the last 2 pieces that makes up my  incomplete S1 Bounty Hunter series... ;D ;D hmmm..but excluding the Chase Boba..

Darth Slothus:
Just acquired 2 Blue senate guards and 1 emperor's guard from JediMac to add to my collection, thanks.
I received them a week or two ago ;D.

I've got 2 packages waiting for me at home....hopefully its more kubricks for my collection (that or more hasbro prototypes) either way i cant wait!


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