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Columbia Hoth Jackets


Mikey D:

Han's jacket's the wrong ******* color  >:(

I like them but not $400 like them.  Can't say I'd wear it skiing either (and this is coming from someone who proudly rocks his Sperry Death Star boat shoes), so these are more of a novelty item for me. 

Hey, at least Columbia is making them.  If Canada Goose made these coats, they would cost $800!

There is a new jacket set to be revealed in a few days. Based on the teaser, it is a homage to the ESB Crew parkas worn during the filming of Hoth TESB

I picked up one of this year's offerings, which are all based on the Snowspeeder pilot uniforms. I ended up getting the lightweight jacket modeled after Luke's pilot jacket. It's my favorite Luke outfit, so I had to have it!

The ski gear looked cool but was waaaaaaay out of my price range.


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