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The Black Series -- 1:1 Helmet Replicas

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Qui-Gon Jim:
Score!  Jealous!

They had more, and all on a clearance endcap.  But when I checked the Target app they were all full price there.  It was impossible to find them on clearance that way. 

For those in the market for the Death Watch Mandalorian helmet, they're now marked down to $99 at GameStop.

I waited on the Mandalorian Death Watch helmet, and it got reduced at GameStop to $69.98!  My membership got me an additional 5% off, and I also used my monthly $5 coupon to bring the price down further.

Also?  The Bo-Katan helmet also seems to have been marked down at GameStop.  I think that's now $99.99.

The Stranger helmet sold out on Amazon and Pulse. Did Hasbro under estimate demand or are people buying it to show support and maybe an F U to haters?


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