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The Black Series -- 1:1 Helmet Replicas

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Qui-Gon Jim:
I am not sure if the Ikea cube shelf I have is a Detolf, but at one point I was displaying a few helmets in one.  The rangefinder on Boba (and I'd imagine the others as well) did not fit, but otherwise it was OK.  Vader was snug against the sides at the very bottom of the helmet. 

I am currently using black metal helmet hangers from Amazon.  Makes them look like they are "floating" on the wall.

I saw reports of people finding the Trapper Wolf helmet at Ollie's stores for $29.99!  That price would definitely get me in on this line.

Qui-Gon Jim:
I was just coming to post that the Trapper helmet is in Ollie's ad that drops today.  I went yesterday but the cashiers wouldn't sell until this morning.  They also have the Marvel Legends Winter Soldier Cap shield for $40 in the ad if you're also into that kind of thing .

Now it seems that the Scout Trooper helmets are in Target stores.  It's interesting to see how this line has been developing.

I picked up the phase 2 Clone Trooper helmet today at Target.  The clearance tag said it was $62.49. And it rang up for $37.99!!!


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