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2024 Darth Vader (Rogue One Ver.)


space monkey:
Well this is unexpected.

I stumbled upon this and only missed the news by a couple of months. A new carded Darth Vader from Rogue One and not a straight reissue on a card. This Vader has printed red lenses and new Anakin face printing. It looks to be based on the EpIII series 10 Vader therefore the cloak not over the chest armour is inaccurate.

When I first saw the picture I immediately though it's Vader from the Disney+ Kenobi TV series based on Anakin's head and Medicom recently did a 100% &400% Vader be@rbrick from that series with a similar style face, but nope it's apparently Rogue One from 2016. Possibly because Medicom also recently did a Mafex Rogue One Vader.

Details. It was first available 26th April 2024 from Parco stores around Japan, apparently they were selling new SW merch and if you spent 15,000 Yen you got a free carded Rogue One Vader as a gift with your purchase. I'm not sure how limited in number this edition is. But there's nothing on the card back.

I'm not sure what else there is to say but on a personal note this feels like a super weird trip down memory lane but I'm a little thrilled there's a new promotional Kubrick in 2024 after an 8 year absence. I honestly thought Medicom has stopped producing Kubricks all together, not just Star Wars but for all properties they licensed and while that's mostly true there has been a few new ones listed on their website. I know there's been a several be@rbrick releases over the years, that's how I found the above, by looking at the newer be@rbricks.

So cool to see a new Kubrick after all these years. I picked this up after seeing your post. Wouldn't have known about it otherwise, so thanks!

space monkey:

--- Quote from: MikeT on July  3, 2024, 11:00 AM ---...I picked this up after seeing your post. Wouldn't have known about it otherwise, so thanks!

--- End quote ---

You're welcome, I'm happy someone got one.

Great to see it opened and side by side with the others, so thanks for the picture. I prefer it to the Ep3 Vader but not so much of a difference to justify the purchase, if I had one I'd open it because the card artwork is nothing special.

Do you mind sharing what platform you bought it from and roughly what it cost you? 

edit: I would have never have realised the saber blade was a solid red based on the promo pictures but it seems your comparison picture makes that apparent.

I got it on ebay. The one I got was priced a little lower than the rest because the plastic of the card had some scuffs, which was perfect because I like to open them anyway. It was about $72 with tax + shipping. Still too much $ for another Vader with small variations, but hey, for old time's sake.

I think my favorite Vader is the DX4 vinyl cape one. I was a big fan of all the throwback vinyl cape kubricks, plus it's nice that the helmet on it is solid and doesn't fall apart if you breathe on it, haha. I love the original Vader too.

And yep, the saber is solid red. The silver Vader's saber is solid too actually, but darker and with a metallic finish.


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