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Star Wars Stikfas figures...???

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Not sure if any of you are familiar with these new Stikfas figures that have been getting pretty popular of late, but I just saw a picture of a Jango Fett Stikfas figure in this month's AFN or Toyfare magazine (don't recall which).

Anyone know if this was real, or just a custom?  I hadn't heard of Star Wars being licensed to this particular action figure line, but might be interested in picking them up if it was...  Anyone have any insight on the matter?

Well, apparently what I saw was just a custom.  I came across this site today with a whole bunch of custom Star Wars Stikfas.  These things are pretty cool!  I guess I'm just a sucker for any miniature type of figures (like Kubricks).  Check 'em all out here:

Here's some examples of this talented guy's custom work:

Pretty cool, huh?!

Those are some pretty weird figures.
The customs are great though.
Here's the site for the original Stikfas.

Man do these figures have some fantastic articulation.
Must check into this more.  :)

I just picked up my first Omega Male from TRU last week, I may go back and get another.  Custom Stikfas ICMG anyone?

These are pretty pricey as is. I'd expect Hasbro to offer a set of G.I. Joe Stikfas kits before they put any other licenses on them. Considering it's an in-house license and they've already got a military slant to them, G.I. Joe's a natural.

Star Wars would be an obvious choice. Image a single Stormtrooper Kit with enough accessories to allow you to build not only a standard stormie, but a Sandtrooper and Death Star Space Trooper as well. If done properly, licensed Stikfas could be HUGE.

--- Quote from: OCB on March 20, 2003, 03:48 PM ---Custom Stikfas ICMG anyone?

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