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Fan Art / Re: EU Female Clone Trooper Commando in battle
« on: August 21, 2008, 03:47 AM »
Actually, there actually was suppose to be a female clone trooper (not in the movies though). The trooper was suppose to be an experiment for more covert action in public areas. However, after multiple tests and training exercises, she turned out to be more suited for a commando role. She was suppose to be kept under raps by the kaminoins and only a few male troopers new of her existence. Their job was to make sure that other clones didn't discover her whenever she was stationed on Kamino, and they did it without question. I think she was suppose to be a solo scout commando. Anyways, it was a good idea to me, but they declined it for some reason. They were probably right too. It was kinda pushing the limits of star wars. Still, she would have looked beautiful in my imagination. I drew a picture, I just don't have access to a scanner though... *sigh*

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