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Take a look.

Jango Fettish:
Well, good lookin' out, B! I got that about 6 months ago from

It's..unique, indeed. One of my fav. items.  ;D

Thanks for lettin' me know, though.

To be honest, I'd be really surprised if I did find something you needed.  I suspect you are rather much more the master ebay hunter than I.  Nevertheless, first time I'd ever seen it and at the very least, others might find it interesting.  

Just so you know, still no trilogo Jango pilot around me.  Quite sad.

Jango Fettish:
Funny, I was going to ask you that but forgot. Canada is truely getting the short end of the saber these days, distribution wise. YOU CANT EVEN GET FIGURES ON YOUR OWN CARDS!

What a shame..

Not totally true.  Once case of the pilot wave showed up.  For a city of almost 700K.  That's reasonable, isn't it?  

I gave up a long time ago on Canada.  Major kudos to the crew from Minnesota for keeping me up to date for the past year.  It's nice to find stuff in the store, but I don't expect it anymore.  I go to stores to look for LOTR, McFarlane, Marvel Legends, Spiderman stuff.  Maybe Simpsons, but we're blowing that too.  Instead of ordering portions of a Wave we just keep ordering the same wave over and over again.  Our TRU's are awful. They are clogged with Wave 10 while you guys are on wave 12. TRUly sad. :'(


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