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Chris: would be very happy to host your avatar for you. For immediate uploading, please send to a staff member for a temporary URL. Your avatar URL will be changed ASAP to If you are not concerned with immediate timing, you can send your avatar to and your avatar will be uploaded to the permanent URL ASAP. Thank You!

Darth Paul:

Jedi Richard:

I'm trying to put my own avatar in my profile but it won't let me have my own Jedi Knight avatar that my friend made it for me.

Please put that in my profile for me,

Thanks! :)

The reason you can't add that is because it is 60x60, above our size limit 50x50. I'll resize it and then add it in for you.

Jedi Richard:
Oh, I didn't know that.

Thanks for the help!  :)

It's not moving animation green letters :-\

Can you fix it for me?


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