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I don't have the ability to resize gif files, so when I resize them I convert them to jpg images which can not move. You could PM DSJ, as I know he is able to do this.

You rang.   ;)

How's about that?

Jedi Richard:
I put that in my profile.

It's works!

Thanks dude! :)


--- Quote from: Chris on June  9, 2003, 05:13 PM ---If you are not concerned with immediate timing, you can send your avatar to and your avatar will be uploaded to the permanent URL ASAP. Thank You!

--- End quote ---

How soon is "ASAP"? I sent mine some weeks ago and still nothing.... although you did email me after a while. You want I should re-send it?

Send it to DSJ or me Nathan, and we'll take a crack at it for ya'.  Sorry for the delay!


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