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Kenobi teaser poster is available this week on Disney Movie Rewards.

I'm not overly impressed with the teaser poster, but at 400 points I bit and will add it to my poster collection.

That one s kind of tempting....but I don't know if I would display it with my other movie posters.

I'm not sure exactly why they're creating posters for streaming content, but they released a new Kenobi "payoff" poster on Disney Movie Rewards.  I grabbed it as I've got nearly all of the posters they've released over the years, but this one is likely to just get filed.

I think The Mandalorian posters have been pretty good, but the Kenobi ones, the Boba Fett ones, and other recent ones have been a little boring in my opinion.

New Andor teaser poster is out on Disney Movie Insiders.


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