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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Display!

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Jango Fettish:
I figured I'd share my latest eBay score here in this thread, where it seemed more appropriate.

For the visually impaired, or plain confused, it's a promotional standee for the Star Wars: Bounty Hunter game for PS2 + GC!

I got it for $25, and it's worth every penny.  8)

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Promo Standee!

Nice score for your collection, Cory!   8)

Is the Bounty Hunter portion just stuck on or printed? I cant tell from here, it looks like the ad guys just took a standard AOTC Jango Fett standee, and plastered the Bounty Hunter logo on him?

Cool, nonetheless ;)

Jango Fettish:
I think you we're right for the most part, Adam.
The "standard" Jango Fett standup is just Jango and a plain gray background.

The Frito Lay Standup has the orange background, all the bells and whistles, logos, etc.

The Bounty Hunter promo standup is the only standup to have the Star Wars Logo at the bottom of it, as well as the Bounty Hunter 3D logo. I'm sure it's a seperate piece.

This pic should show it in detail.

The only life-size standup that I own is Boba Fett.  One of these days (after getting a house) I want to get all of them (or most of them at least).


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