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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Display!

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Ah yes, I see now. I have the three lifesize Frito Lay standees (Anakin, Clone, Jango) and am quite happy with them. I also have a large lobby display, but no room for it :(

Cool find though!

For the life of me, I could not get any stores to part with the Frito Lay promotional material.  Annoyed the hell out of me (and me them).  

I have one standup.  It's from 1997 and it's the Star Wars Trilogy - The original one last time.  Has the large Vader head in the background with an X-wing firing on what seems to be Vader's Tie.  Small segment of the death star sticks out in front.  Quite nice really.

I asked the Frito rep when he was in a store. He walked out to his truck and unloaded tons of cool crap. He also gave me lots of cool stuff when Episode 1 came out.

I've found it harder to deal with stores, even though I still have a lot of luck. If you can find them when they are setting stuff up, or find reps setting stuff up, you usually have better luck.

In my dark days of "Im not into Star Wars anymore", I got rid of so many store displays :( Didnt sell em, or give em away, I burnt then in the trash..... If I could only go back! I had standups, large game displays, allllll kinds of neat crap


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