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Man, Rob doesn't have a feedback thread here yet?   :o

I know that everyone already knows Rob's a good guy, but I'd just feel dirty if I didn't post some feedback for a good transaction!   ;)

Anyway, Rob paid me licket-split and right-quick for a recent deal.  Thanks again Rob!

Another quick payment from Rob. 

Quick payment and easy transaction, my favorite kind of deal.     :)

Jesse James:
Yeah good lord...  I didn't realize Rob didn't have a thread but I've done transactions with him.  Dumb of me not to start one.

As I noted, in the past I've done trades/buys from Rob and he's been prompt in communication and shipping.  A great guy to trade with.

I also just recently did a buy off Rob for extra bits and pieces of figures he had lying about and for a more than fair price.  Thanks Rob, I appreciate it! :)

Rob was kind enough to assist me with a loose George trooper and sent it up super quick.  Unfortunately the Canadian and US Postal systems seem to be disfunctional together, so it only took a wee four months to arrive.  But Rob did send it when he said, it just got lost by the posties.  Thanks for the help Rob. :-*

Wow - thanks for doing all this for me gentlemen... a year old Feedback thread and I didn't realize (or remember at least) that it existed.

I probably need to bounce around in here and find your threads too.


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