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My Vintage Needs - Figures, Weapons, Parts...


After pulling all of my old figures and vehicles out of storage, i've decided to try and fix up what I can. Here's what I need:


- Hoth Han (in good shape, don't need blaster)


- Chewbacca Bowcaster - can be a repro
- Darth Vader Cape - can be a repro as well


- Battle-Damaged X-Wing:
    * Tinted Cockpit Cover
    * (4) Wing Guns
- Battle-Damaged Tie Fighter (BLUE):
    * (1) Wing
    * (1) Wing Mount
- Landspeeder:
    * Seat
- Y-Wing:
    * Top cannon assembly: cannon and base
    * Bomb
    * (2) Engine pod assemblies: exhaust cone, 4 struts, rear support ring
- Jabba The Hutt:
    * (2) Outer Base Knobs (ones that open top)

That's all I can think of for now. I don't really have any Vintage items at the moment so i'll gladly pay. PM or email me at: if you can help. Thanks!!!

I have a Hoth Han and a repro Bowcaster... What range of condition are you cool with for the Han... and about what would you think is fair for these? Are you looking for others? Any '96-'01 figure wants?


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