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Baron Fel did not make the Top 25 Noooo!


I can't believe Baon Fel did not make the Toyfare Top 25. It was like, everyone forgot about gthe X-Wing Novels. The EU existed long before KOTOR, which got 5 Nominees. The Only Character remotely related to the X-Wing Novels was Corran Horn, But of course the Version of him that Got Nominated was from the New Jedi Order. Another thing, while I'm on this little Rant, Why would anyone waste their Vote on Figs Hasbro is Going to Produce anyways. Commander Neyo and Bacara's Troops will be made if they were voted for or not. Those are garanteed Cash Cows for Hasbro. Darth Maul and Jedi Luke Skywalker also made the list. Don't we have like a bagillion versions of those characters already. Don't get me Wrong, I deffinatly feel the there are some Great Canadates on the list, but about have of them are a waist, that could have gone to more worthy Characters.

Fel for President!

Jesse James:
I think that is part of the reason Fel didn't make the cut...  It's been a while basically.

EU that's more fresh in people's minds is something Hasbro's pondered when posed with the EU debate to make figures.  "Will this character from some long-dead series even be interesting to anyone?"

To me, Fel's a great character...  I liked 90% of the characters from the X-Wing series actually.  I don't think I'd have voted for him but I'd gladly buy a figure of him if offered someday.  Simple enough too really considering it's a TIE Pilot with removable helmet and special paintjob (depending what outfit he has on).

KOTOR is definitely more fresh in MY mind than X-Wing characters though, that's for sure.

Well, I think in many people's eyes Fel wouldn't make for a terribly exciting figure--it's just a human dude in a TIE suit. Compare that with, say, the flashy alien Sith from KOTOR, who are probably more appealing to kids and more likely to catch the eye of the casual purchaser walking past the toy aisle.


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