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vintage action figures for sale


 I have (8) 12 backs, (3) 21 backs, (1)1980 ESB, (1)1983 ROTJ, and (1) 1982 ROTJ toy TRI-POD LASER CANNON.
 Email me @ for pics, and a direct contact #. All are still in original packages.
       12-backs are;      -See-Threepio            -Sand People
                                   -Luke Skywalker        -Ben  Kenobi
                                   -Stormtrooper            -Chewbacca
                                   -Artoo-Detoo              -Princess Leia
       21-backs are;      -Darth Vader
                                   -Boba Fett
                                   -Walrus Man
       ESB                      -Yoda
       ROTJ                    -Biker Scout

I'm locking this down as the seller has not responded to the questions & no prices are listed. I will unlock if the seller PM's me with updates.

Whats the asking prices????

How big are they?  For example:  as small as a chess piece or as large as a barbie or somewhere in between?

Angry Ewok:
mhall, do you have feedback with another site? Do you have an eBay account?

edited my post some.


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