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Okay, I just finished reading the Thrawn trilogy for the first time a couple months ago, and I absolutely loved it! The writing style wasn't bad at all, and the storyline was quite interesting. Like most who've read these books I think, it left me wanting for more though, not because it was lacking but because it basically opens up the storyline possibilities instead of coming to an entirely grand close.

That said, these are the only EU books I've read... I've (from several years ago) come into posession of copies of Showdown at Centerpoint and Before the Storm, but while the Corellian trilogy sounds very interesting, I really should read it from the beginning when I read it. Before the Storm, I haven't yet felt enthusiastic enough to read.

So I'm wondering what I should read next. There are many equally valid choices from what I can tell. Shadows of the Empire sounds interesting on account of how it ties in to ESB and ROTJ so directly, The Truce at Bakura sounds somewhat interesting, The Courtship of Princess Leia sounds pretty fun, Splinter of the Mind's eye sounds a bit on the wacky side but is interesting... and then there's the matter of reading things set after the Thrawn trilogy, too.

I really don't feel a desire to read the New Jedi Order books nor the Swarm War books, because while there is some appeal in the concept, they sound pretty dark and depressing and that's really not my forte. I like lighter stories, or dramatic stories that end well (Perhaps I should point out Return of the Jedi is my favorite out of all six movies, with ESB second). I really enjoy romantic comedies if they aren't dull, as well (mostly I read manga of this type rather than watching movies and such).

I do, however, want to read more about Mara Jade and our movie heroes (Luke/Leia/Han/Lando/Chewbacca/R2D2/C3PO) and the Solo children. I really liked Thrawn's character so I'm eager to read some pieces that tie into him and some where he actually appears (eventually I might read Outbound Flight primarily for the sake of reading Thrawn with Anakin and Obi Wan appearances as a bonus, unless the book is like really awful somehow). Survivor's Quest sounds like a pretty interesting book, but I don't think I'm ready for it storyline-wise.

I've thought about the Jedi Academy trilogy; I thought it sounded interesting in a way, but I've yet to see a review that didn't dismiss it as bantha poodoo. And on top of that I can't even figure out what "I, Jedi" is about nor how it ties in, nor if it meshes with the other EU books...

The Corellian Trilogy as I said sounds interesting, but like Survivor's Quest, I feel a need to read more backstory from books in between there and the Thrawn trilogy before I'm ready to jump in with it.

Anyway, at the moment I'm hoping to buy a novel in a couple weeks when I get a chance to go to a nice bookstore; so I'm wondering if anyone has some recommendations or advice on what I should read/what order to read it in. Thanks to anyone who can help!

Angry Ewok:
My advice is to first read Shadows of the Empire. This is one of the earliest EU books, and still standing as one of the greatest. Because it's inbedded inbetween ESB and ROTJ, it still uses the main OT cast without butchering them up the way alot of the post-Thrawn books have done.

Secondly, just skip out on The Truce at Bakura. To me, it was just boring as hell. I can't remember much about the book, except that it took alot of effort to finish it. I wouldn't have if I wasn't a completetist in that sense.

You might want to try to read Splinter of the Mind's eye... because you may like it, but you may also find it incredibly lame... I found it to be somewhat disapointing, but probably because it tried to spin itself like the Thrawn trilogy - if you go into the book knowing that it's nowhere near the same level as the Thrawn trilogy, you may enjoy it more than I did. There's your forewarning.

You didn't mention the Rogue Squadron books, so I'm guessing you haven't heard of these. Please, for the love of god, go and pick up the first book of the Rogue Squad series, titled X-Wing: Rogue Squadron (I've always thought that its lame they titled the entire series X-Wing). If I remember correctly, there are about 8 books in this series, all of them involving the Rogue Squadron (lead by Wedge Antilles) and their fight against the crumbling Empire. Some of the latter books get kinda shoddy, but for the most part, the series is very sound.

If you're not scared - try some of the Young Jedi Knight books. They're pretty good, even though directed towards a much younger audience. I believe there are 13 of these books, all of them involve the teenage Solo kids and Luke Skywalker's re-building of the Jedi Order.

Have you thought about reading any prequel era books?

If so, definately read Shatterpoint first. Shatterpoint is like 'Heart of Darkness' meets Mace Windu.

Also read Republic Commando.

Stay away from most others, although I enjoyed most the Clone Wars Medic two-part story.

Maybe this has helped.

Thanks! This advice does help quite a bit. I'd heard a little about the X Wing/Rogue Squadron books but kinda forgot to look into them much. I should, though...

At the moment, I think I'm leaning on The Courtship of Princess Leia, Shadows of the Empire, or Splinter of the Mind's Eye as my next purchase. I'll have to decide when I get to the bookstore I suppose ^^

By the way- does a paperback version of the Courtship of Princess Leia exist with the original cover (with the wedding outfits/Prince Isolder/star destroyers in the background as opposed to the endor-type gear and the Rancor), or was that only on the hardbound? Used hardbounds sell for cheaper than paperbacks anyway, so if I feel comfortable holding the book to read it I might buy that version instead (whenever I buy it).

The prequel era is kind of interesting, but not something I'm really looking to get into yet. I'm pretty enchanted with the "New Republic Era" thanks to the Thrawn trilogy and in part to a love for Return of the Jedi, but I'll have to see as I read more books.

One of my primary disappointments, though, in my choices of what to read next is that I'll be seeing no progression at all with Mara Jade's storyline. I'm really kinda eager to read what comes next there...

I suspect I'll read The Truce at Bakura eventually, but I'm not just itching to get to it either. I'll probably have time for it sometime...

The Jedi Academy trilogy doesn't sound all that good, but it has the virtue of being next (I think?) after the Thrawn trilogy, beginning Luke's efforts to rebuild the Jedi Order, and I think Mara Jade appears in the third book. Is this series skippable or something that should be choked down if you really want to know this part of the storyline? Or maybe even something good that's underrated?

Eventually I might read the Young Jedi Knights series...

EDIT: I totally forgot to mention it, buy I have copies of the Lando Calrissian Adventures (you know, "The Mindharp of Sharu" and such) and the first book of the "Han Solo Trilogy" ("The Paradise Snare"). Perhaps I should read those sometime? I think there was also a book similar to the Lando Calrissian Adventures that had to do with Han and Chewie in the few years preceeding ANH. I don't know much about it- does anyone have some reccomendations on that?

Clone Commander:
Read Shadows of the Empire!
Its awesome!  ;D

Hmm... I think I'll put off buying Splinter of the Mind's Eye and go for The Courtship of Princess Leia and Shadows of the Empire first. Maybe if they still have the cheaper hardbout of COPL (nice abbreviation) I can afford to buy both... we'll see.

Thanks again for your reccomendations!


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