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Hi everyone,
I'm love to collect sw cans but it's hard for me.
Now I have about 30 cans.Mostly are Ep1.I
want to collect SE cans but they are always
cost so much.Empty or full to display?I have no idea.My favouraite is Japan AOTC set.They
look great.What is yours?

Absolutely, 100% with zero exceptions, ALWAYS empty your cans  ;D

There are different methods you can use, but empty cans are better cans, and safer for your collection.

I'd suggest draining them from the bottom. One or two small nail holes should drain it all out. This is what most can collectors do. Just make sure to wash it.

The other, Im not as familiar with. You chill the can for a while, then open it until you hear the air rush into the can (but not all the way, and not far enough to notice it is opened). Immediately run it under hot water, and everything will be forced out. Do this until its empty. Then I think you do the opposite to fill the can with cold water and rinse it. Like I said, not too familiar with this method.

Right now, I have the following sets:
Episode 1:
US, standard
US, metal display case
US 4 shot prototype set
A few other countries, cant remember which
Episode 2:

Hey,I know the methods but I still have some full.

Jango Fettish:
Me too.

I've got a Japanese Jango Fett Pepsi can that is just resting with my Jango Fett shirts, sleepin' like a baby.

I figured if you empty the can, and the aluminum is so thin, you'll run a bigger risk of denting the can over time.

Of course, this is the only "collectible" can I own.  :P

I picked up a couple complete sets of the Episode 1 cans during their release, and have yet to drain any of them out due to nothing but pure laziness (and the fact that they've been up in storage for a couple years now).  Never snagged the Gold Yoda can though.  Haven't felt like dropping $20 on an aluminum can just yet, but I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually.

There haven't been any other standard SW cans released domestically here in the States, besides the Ep. 1 cans, right?  I'm pretty sure there hasn't been...

On a related note, did anyone pick up that Pepsi display rack for the complete set of Episode 1 cans?  If so, how is it?  Pretty cool, and worth the money?  Or not all that great?  Not sure if I should bother picking this thing up or not to eventually display my cans in.  Feel free to enlighten me please!  Adam, is that what you're referring to above when you say "metal display case"?

Cool collectibles the cans are though!


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