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Here we will discuss the planets that we have seen in the Star Wars Universe.  Also we are going to discuss what we think is the most important planet in the whole Star Wars universe.

If you ask me, I say the most important planet in the whole Star Wars universe would be Tatooine.

And why exactly Tatooine?
I agree it's important, it lies on various hyperspace routes and it occurs in almost every movie but tere're still planets like Coruscant, Alderaan,Corellia and Kothlis.

Angry Ewok:
I'll say Coruscant is the most important planet in the Star Wars Universe.

Coruscant was the heart of the Old Republic, and later became the heart of the New Republic, as well. It was the headquarters and barracks of the Jedi Order, and the founding place of the Rebellion. It wasn't just of political value, either... All of the major trade routes lead to Coruscant, co-ordinates 0,0,0. Being the center of trade and politics, its a given that it is of military importance, as well. General Grevious and Grand Admiral Thrawn were alike in they realized striking Coruscant, even in a last effort gamble, would demoralize their enemy and possibly force a settlement.

I say Tatooine because many of the biggest events in the Star Wars universe took place there.

Yes, but a lot of things happened on Coruscant in the EU.


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