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Falcon Mechanic Chewie- working neck articulation?!


First off, I'm sorry if this thread is a bit out of left field/ in the category of "okay, who cares?," but I was surprised to find it out and wanted to know if anyone else had tried/discovered this.

Chewbacca's neck articulation has traditionally been in most figures, well, not really all that articulated. In every Chewie since the Vintage Chewies he's had a seperately molded head, but the hair usually keeps it from being adjustable at all, except in a few cases such as one Saga Chewbacca that had a hinged neck joint.

So, I was removing the paint from my effort-gone-awry to customize/improve the paintjob of my MFM Chewie, only to discover that with a little careful pushing, his head turned to the side. I'm pretty sure this hasn't damaged the head or neck joint at all; and he doesn't need to be warmed to do it. The hair that hangs down on his shoulders is pretty soft, and with a little effort his head is indeed simply a working articulation point. This doesn't work on POTF2 Chewbacca- I've tried numerous times with him before, I think his head might be actually made of styrene (the hard plastic used for torsos until the last couple years).

A little bit needs to go a long way when a figure has simple articulation, and this neck articulation makes Chewie's right arm a lot more useful for shooting poses and such. I'm pretty happy it's there now that I realize it can be used.

As proof, I offer this horrid-quality scanned picture:

So, has anyone else done this? Do newer Chewbaccas, like VOTC Chewie maybe, also do this?

Jesse James:
Yeah the neck's a little tough to move but it does move with effort...  Still not a great figure by today's standards but it holds up.  Mine's dedicated to mechanic work though on my display shelf since he's perfect for that...  Leaves my articulated Chewbaccas to other devices.

Padawan Wagaboodles:
A few of them have limited neck articulation--I can't remember which ones are which.  I feel like the VOTC & Early Bird version go slightly up and down.  The neck fur usually prohibits much movement on any of them.

I wonder if the Boushh bounty Chewie got some kind of neck articulation.

That version grew a bit taller and spotted a chain under the head.


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