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This week, Hasbro will be starting a new weekly Star Wars Question and Answer feature on their website.

Every Friday, we get the chance to submit up to three questions that we would like posed to the Star Wars brand team.  All of the questions submitted by the Star Wars Collector Sites will be reviewed by the Hasbro Star Wars team and answers to a select few will be posted on on the following Friday afternoon. 

Though only a sampling of all questions received will be posted the website each week, Hasbro has promised to make their best effort to respond directly us with the answers to our submitted questions.  Of course, Hasbro may not be able to answer all questions every week (due to volume or questions that may otherwise divulge proprietary information related to future products).

What does this mean for YOU?  Well, we need your questions!

Each week we'll select up to three of the questions in this thread and submit them to the Hasbro Star Wars Team.  Once we start to get answers (or non-answers) back from Hasbro, we'll post them in a handy "2006 Hasbro QnA" Archive Thread!
So, if you have a burning question that you'd like to ask the Hasbro Star Wars team, please post it in this thread.  Please remember that we only get to submit 3 questions total each week, so please limit yourself to posting only a few "high priority" suggested questions each week. 


- The JD News Team

Will there ever be the release of any playsets? They could be modular, a retool of the Vintage Death Star playset, anything.

Will we see a return of the Evolutions line anytime soon, and more Vintage-style VOTC/VSC figures?

Wwe need a movie accurate mace windu electronic lightsaber.

Dear Hasbro,

When exactly will we be seeing the release of a new, super-articulated, high-quality Mace Windu? Is this type fo figure on your to-do list, or has it even been mentioned at all?

Thank you,

Why do I have a feeling that Hasbro won't be answering our questions, instead answering questions that they create? Anyway, here's two for them...

In the 2006 figures, why has knee articulation been lacking?

Will we see hard-to-find figures such as Scorch and Commander Cody packed into future assortments?

Why is such cheap plastic used on certain figures like Battle Droids?


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