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Will we ever get our Hermi Odle?



--- Quote from: Jeff on June  5, 2006, 11:54 PM ---
--- Quote from: Diddly on June  5, 2006, 11:19 PM ---Will we see hard-to-find figures such as Scorch and Commander Cody packed into future assortments?

--- End quote ---

I'm not Hasbro, but the answer here is yes. 

Scorch will ship again at 2x per case in one of the Tatooine wave refresh cases - Saga Wave 5, Revision 2.

Commander Cody will also continue throughout the summer - he can be found at 1x per case in three upcoming case assortments:  Saga Wave 5, Revision 1; Saga Wave 5, Revision 2; and Saga Wave 6.

--- End quote ---

Thanks! I was unaware of that.

(1) Does Hasbro ever look at what customizers make?  Like for instance, does something like this inspire them at all to make some more realistic playsets or outsource it to another company like they did with the 12" figures?


Hasbro, What are the plans for future Choopers, Unleashed Battle packs, H&V line and Transformers?  Speaking for a lot of collectors, your time and energy would be better spent developing lines that people actually want to buy and not this junk!

So taking a look at the news post on the main page, I am assuming that Hasbro is picking questions from a pool submitted by multiple sites (I see that RS is doing this as well). So that means the odds of any of our questions getting answered is severly reduced since they are not taking 3 questions from each site, but instead 3 questions total from all sites.


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