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Actually you asked 3 questions :-X


--- Quote from: Diddly on June  5, 2006, 11:19 PM ---Will we see hard-to-find figures such as Scorch and Commander Cody packed into future assortments?

--- End quote ---

I'm not Hasbro, but the answer here is yes. 

Scorch will ship again at 2x per case in one of the Tatooine wave refresh cases - Saga Wave 5, Revision 2.

Commander Cody will also continue throughout the summer - he can be found at 1x per case in three upcoming case assortments:  Saga Wave 5, Revision 1; Saga Wave 5, Revision 2; and Saga Wave 6.

Will Hasbro ever be releasing a DH-17 blaster , with sounds of course ?

Let's see if we can get a question answered that doesn't involve "when will you make this character or that character?" ...

In the design process of action figures, when and why is the decision made to use "Cut-joints" at the elbows of figures as opposed to "Ball-joints" for the elbows? Each appear to require the same amount of tooling and materials, yet the superior  "Ball-joints" which provide a better playing and display experience for children and collectors are passed over for the choice of "Cut-joints." Can we look forward to a better quality joint for all future action figures?

Dear,Hasbro can you give us more info on the Yavin wave & the rumored VTSC 2 that is rumored to be out later this year?


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