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Just Found This Art Work.

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I was looking around for stuff & I came across this art work.
I bought it at a Sci-Fi convention back in the late 80's.
There is a business card on the back that reads:
Title:  Walkers.
Medium:  Acrylics.
Artist:  Michael C. Goodwin.

What do you think? Does anyone know the Artist?
He is from Roy, Utah.

Chris Belle:
That's a pretty sweet picture.  It looks familiar, not sure where or if I've see that exact one before.  I'll get back to you on it. ;D

Please do.  :)
As I mentioned, I had it for many years & do not know any history on it.

CFawcett reported this to me over at Scum.

This looks like one of those freelance artist guys that just paints stuff up and sells it. You see these guy at comic shows and sci-fi shows *all* the time. Mostly selling Star Trek stuff. There's some law that says you can make artwork of copyrighted material and sell it as long as all you're selling is the original, not prints. So that's what these guys do.

Sounds about right to me.

That picture looks so familiar. Maybe I just saw a similar piece somewhere else... Either way, that's some fine work. :)


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